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$500 ad spend turned into $3.5k in sales in just 48 hours – Yes Please!

14 x ROAS

Audience Building

$9.94 Avg. CPA

70,023 Ad Impressions

[dropcaps type=’normal’ font_size=’45’ color=’#191919′ background_color=” border_color=”]F[/dropcaps]awn and Finch are an eCommerce store selling super stylish kids footwear and accessories. Based out of Mount Martha in Victoria, these guys not only design great products, they also have a strong social media presence with nearly 90k Instagram followers.

Fawn and Finch have been engaged with BidPixel for some time now and we have had great success with their Facebook and Instagram ads. But with limited warehouse space, they were needing to move some stock to make way for a new shipment of their products. Essentially, they were needing to push through a few more sales to make that happen.

Fawn and Finch explained to us that they were planning a 48-hour storewide sale offering 20% off all their products. They had planned out their posts for social media and their mailing list but they knew they also allocated an additional budget towards Facebook and Instagram ads to help reach as many potential customers as possible and in turn sell as much of their stock as they could.

We set out to create a campaign specifically for the sale, allocating the additional budget to that campaign whilst continuing their existing campaigns. For the sale campaign, it was scheduled for the duration of the sale using some great creatives that Fawn and Finch had provided. We created a mixture of adsets including targeting to existing page likers, friends of page likers, lookalike audiences and interest/behaviour based targeting. Essentially our plan was to get in front of as many potential buyers as possible within the 48 hour period.

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We were having trouble activating new audiences that had not heard of our brand before. While we knew we were nowhere near market saturation, we just couldn’t find more clients until we engaged BidPixel.

– Meagan, Fawn & Finch

At the end of the sale period, we were able to reach over 42,000 potential customers. The sale ads returned an impressive average of almost 6 x return on their ad spend. The highest performing adset was an interest/behaviour based audience specifically targeting parents with kids aged 3-5 years, this adset alone had a 14 x return on ad spend. On top of that, there were also additional sales that came through there ongoing campaigns.

We genuinely love seeing great results for our clients. These guys understood that to move their additional stock, they had to spend money on a campaign. Had they relied solely on their social media posts and mail outs, they would have missed the $3.5k in sales that came through via the campaigns we created for them, all in the space of 48 hours.  All in all they were super happy with the results from the sale campaign, and that is our ultimate goal as an agency, happy clients.

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