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Build Your Strongest Marketing Asset

With the help of Brisbane’s leading chatbot agency.

Reduce customer service inquiries, automate sales and be available for your customers 24/7, right when they need you, through your new custom chatbot.

Your New Chatbot Is The Hardest Working, Most Accurate And Affordable Customer Service/Sales Team You’ll Ever Hire!

Instant gratification is rampant in today’s online culture.

Consumers want answers right away and they’ll jump from brand to brand until they find the easiest path to a result.

Chatbots are therefore a direct response 24/7 way to provide in-depth, almost human-like customer service that can meet your prospects where they are – in the here and now.

Chatbots can be developed to do things like:

  1. Answer shipping questions on eCommerce stores
  2. Provide 24/7 customer service FAQ answering
  3. Guide people through booking a product or service like hotel room bookings
  4. Take payments for services like rates bills or recurring subscriptions
  5. Sent periodical updates and reminders
  6. Find relevant information for a prospect (like products matching search criteria)

Using chatbots built by a chatbot agency can be as casual as a quick conversion to direct a prospect to a URL through to complex system collating data like names and contact details, storing them in your existing sources of truth like CRMs or records management platforms.

There are big stakes coming in the not-too-distant future where artificial intelligence is taking over customer service and sales.

Your urgency is not only to meet the consumer where they are currently asking the questions but also to adapt your business to meet the demands of technology advancement.

Natural Language learning right now in 2020 has the ability to learn your top asked questions and develop out structured answers no matter how tough the questions thrown at it may be.

The winners with chatbots are going to see reduced customer service inquiry times, higher open rates of messages and a much stronger click-through rate on call to actions.

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The BidPixel difference

Not your average Facebook ad agency!

We are bucking the status quo and bringing back ethics to the advertising industry. Why are we raising the stakes on ethical work?

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The BidPixel difference

Chatbot Open Rates Are 8x More Than Traditional Email Marketing

Imagine collecting valuable customer information in a much more intuitive and less obtrusive way.

You can fill your sales pipeline with ready-to-buy prospects who are actively engaging with your content.

Automagically nurture new prospects through a personal journey, tailored specifically for them there and then.

You can turn the tap on for 24/7 lead nurturing, customer inquiries and sales.

Chatbots are not too dissimilar to a personal concierge for each and every customer, recommending the services and products that match their needs.

If one thing alone, chatbots will free up your time.

You and your team can remove themselves from repetitive work by automating things like answering your top FAQs and fielding booking inquiries and changes.

Chatbots let you get back to what you are good at and allow you to resource your team with higher-value tasks.

Sometimes though, people want to talk to people.

While 40% of online users are happy to chat with a bot for their questions, there will be a time where human interaction is essential.

BidPixel’s chatbots work seamlessly with your existing ticketing platforms and CRMs, allowing a fast handover protocol for those times where human conversations are needed.

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If You Aren’t Ready For A Chatbot Agency, That’s Ok, We Still Want To Help.

We’ll be slow to take your money and we’ll offer up advice on how you can best prepare your brand, product or service for the chatbot revolution.

By now, you are beginning to realise that there is MASSIVE potential to automating sales and customer service tasks and turning on your ability to chat to prospects 24/7.

By now, if you’ve read this far through, you know we want help you.

By now, you’ve also seen us throw around the idea that we are an ethical agency. This is a polarising statement in our industry. You are either going to love and trust our openness or not believe us.

We want you to challenge us on this. Watch some of our testimonials, have a chat to some of our team and decide for yourself if you believe our ethical claims.

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