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Struggling With Or New To Google Advertising?

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The BidPixel difference

Not your average Google ad agency!

We are bucking the status quo and bringing back ethics to the advertising industry. Why are we raising the stakes on ethical work?

The BidPixel difference

Do You Know What Your Competition Is Doing?

Working with BidPixel for your Google Ads means that we’ll strive to understand and assess your market fit and current market potential. We will always take a holistic view of your business, from its landing page speeds to conversion rates, customer reviews and order fulfilment services among others.

We love working with new clients but… the hard truth for some is that we do not work with everyone. If we find there are major holes or things that we believe you can or should do first before you engage with us or any other agency for that matter we WILL tell you and then…..

…we still might say no!

We won’t take and waste your money.

If however, we do say YES to managing your Google Ads, the next step is going to be scary (in a good way). We’ll sit with you and work out your ideal Cost Per Click (CPC), your ideal cost to acquire a new customer and we’ll work out just how hungry you are to grow.

We’ll use this data to formulate a strategy and an advertising budget and honestly, we’ll only say yes to working with you if you see the bigger picture, can align to the vision and can see the growth you are about to receive from taking the step.

My Big Adventure Facebook ads
My Big Adventure Facebook ads


We told this woman no to running ads for her – find out why!

Recently we told Kirstin from My Big Adventure no to running ads, watch the video to find out what she thought of that.

Watch Kirstin's Story

Who Will Actually Work Your Google Ad Account?

Your ad account will be in the hands of BidPixel’s Google Experts, we’ve worked hard to select a team of experts that have been literally embedded in the platform for years.

We take the time to understand your business, its needs, and your ideal objectives – as well as the little things that make you unique to your marketplace.

We do this by taking a dive deep with you into understanding your Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) as well as your ideal Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) – this let’s us understand how your business is performing.

We’ll show you how these figures marry up and what we need to do to get the revenue-exploding results that you deserve.

Even if you don’t end up working with us, you’ll get more value out of this simple exercise than with a lifetime of poor ad management.

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Looking For Help To Beat Your Competitors?

After budgets, the scariest thing for you is going to be that your competition is going to get wind of how you are successfully clawing at a larger share of the market. There are tools to reverse engineer a profitable Google Ad campaign and they’ll employ every trick in the book to try and do what you are pioneering. They’ll bid on your brand name, they’ll try and unethically cut you back out of the market share you’ve earned.

Don’t let this stress you though, and don’t let it be a deterrent for your success.

You’ll be ahead of the game, working alongside us at the coal face ensuring that your market share and results are growing and that your competitors are simply unable to catch up.

Chris Mott
Jay Janus
Team BidPixel

Let our team of Google ad buyers scale your results profitably!

Your new Facebook Advertising agency team are all Australian experts, who have been at the coalface of Facebook advertising for years.

Our direct connection with Facebook being one of the first Australian Facebook Preferred Partners allows us to work on cutting edge campaigns that will deliver you a positive ROI automagically.

Don’t just take our word for it

Your reporting will be served to you in three ways:

Firstly, a real-time dashboard will help you see the numbers that matter to you the most. If you care more about your eCommerce sales than your website clicks, we’ll show you that. Want to see how many leads a particular service is getting? We’ll bring that to the top.

We customise a dashboard for every client, there’s no cookie-cutter pdf’s here.

Secondly, each month we’ll compile a full report for you. It’ll be a video and it’ll be easy to digest. We’ll outline your successes and put a spotlight on the metrics that mean the most to you.

More importantly, though, we’ll show you where we are going to improve. We are never done optimising and we are quick to tell you, our client if something didn’t work. Once we know what does and doesn’t work, we can move to scale your results.

We work ethically and we’ll let you know when we see room for improvement. There are no rose coloured glasses in our agency.

Third, but by no means least, our communication is real-time, just like your data. Want to chat about a change? Feel like you have a suggestion for a new campaign? You’ll have a dedicated account manager who can step you through these concepts on the phone, via email or instantly on live chat, and steer you in the right direction.

On top of this brilliant account manager who’s right at the coalface, you’ll also be getting the backing and support of a team of strategists, award-winning ad buyers, copywriters, graphic designers and world-class videographers that your account manager will leverage for your business. That’s essentially a full digital agency at your service, giving you amazing bang for your buck!

Facebook Ad Agency

Welcome To Your New Way Of Running Google Ads

We Work With You To Unlock The Search Terms With The Greatest Intent, Heroing Your Product Or Service. We Honestly Get A Kick Out Of Facilitating Ethical Growth And It Just So Happens That We Love To Build Relationships With Our Clients Along The Way.

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