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New Facebook client onboarding questionnaire

You’ve just signed up a client to craft expert Facebook ads and content for them and you know the value in asking all of the right questions, you just don’t know where to begin with your new client onboarding questionnaire.

Imagine over-promising and under-delivering on your client’s expectations purely because you didn’t dive deep into their business to get a deep understanding of how it actually works.

Over the course of 7 years, BidPixel has been refining our new client onboarding questionnaire to ensure we collate all of our client details in one go, to save the unprofitable game of back and forth communication in the early stages of working with someone new. 

Our client questionnaires are just one of 4 steps to our new client onboarding process, which is the precursor to a further two weeks minimum of strategy and creative content creation prior to the first ads going live.

Our workflow along with the questionnaire and the tools we use to help us are:

We use Proposify, and have for years, to send and receive signed copies of our client proposals and terms and conditions. We’ve crafted a series of templates in Proposify that were originally designed in Adobe Indesign and each page was re-engineered to fit Proposify’s page builder. We did it this way so that we could have a beautiful client experience, of which speeds up our signing of new clients significantly. 

That proposal is the front line of our business and we’ve got it to the stage where we close 75% of all proposals we generate.

Proposify has the added benefit that it tracks every pageview and we can interact with clients based on their viewing behaviour. Countless times we’ve been able to expedite a signed deal after we saw a prospect viewing their proposal live and we seemingly randomly call them at the precise moment they are contemplating our deal.

New client onboarding questionnaire

We could not live without Zapier as an agency. It’s kind of the glue that ties a lot of our platforms and tasks in together.

With Proposify’s real-time tracking of someone’s viewing motives, we tie this to Zapier and Slack to give us a slack channel ping as soon as someone views a pending proposal.

This is sales gold as we can be reactive and call a prospect at just the right time to answer any final objections and ask for the business while we are top of mind.

Once a prospect signs a Proposify proposal, we use Zapier to connect to our CRM, change deal statuses and start an automated chain of emails that help our team get a new client live with their ads.

New client onboarding questionnaire

Throughout the sales journey, Active Campaign is our CRM of choice.

We track everything in Active Campaign to ensure that anyone of our team can pick up the conversation where it left off.

Our appointment setters and closers use Active Campaigns emails, tasks and deal funnels to track all of our leads and once they are closed as ‘won’ we can easily transfer over our knowledge of that business to our project management platform for ongoing strategy and creative work. 

Active campaign sends out a warm and welcoming email as soon as a prospect signs their proposal and within that initial email, we’ve got 4 steps for them to complete.

Step one is asking them to fill out our new client onboarding questionnaire. 

Step two asks them to make a $1 authorisation payment on their credit card, of which we use to charge them for our service on a monthly retainer. This process is looked after via Thrivecart and Stripe. 

Step three in the client onboarding questionnaire is to give the new client a step by step rundown on how to connect their Facebook and Google ad accounts to our agency. We also break down how to connect things like Google analytics and Merchant Centre for our eCommerce clients. 

Step four is a link to our head of strategy’s Calendly to book in their first call with our team to get them started on the two-week setup and creative time. 

New client onboarding questionnaire

BidPixel is one of Australia’s leading Facebook advertising agencies. With over $10 million dollars per year in Facebook ad management, the agency has refined the process to deliver an exceptional client experience from lead through to happy customer. 

To follow BidPixel’s advice on other areas of agency management, connect with them on Linkedin or Instagram.