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We’ve cracked the code to explode sales through Facebook Advertising in any business and all it takes is 30-minutes of your time.

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Facebook Advertising Agency

Facebook advertising Agency
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We Care about

Just One thing..

..and that is garnering you a positive ROI on your digital advertising spend.

We want to flood your marketplace and broadcast content that is educating and motivating for your prospects, leaving them feeling better for having found out about you than before. Ultimately, we are driving them to an informed decision to purchase from you, showing them why you are better than your peers.

Our team are relentless at this. They’ve got a crazed obsession with taking a client’s brand and elevating them to be the most respected name in their industry.

You are going to get this elevation and respect by being at the forefront on some of the smartest forms of advertising ever! Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google Ads are making it possible to create cult like brands that people flock to in droves. Brands that people want to become part of the tribe. Brands that are known, liked and trusted in their marketplace for the very things they are selling to profit by.

Dave G – Bidpixel CEO & Co-Founder

ecommerce facebook ad testimonial infamous swim
ecommerce facebook ad testimonial infamous swim


10x ROAS

$350k /mth

“I was looking for a Facebook ad agency that was really good with their communication… I found that amazing with BidPixel..”

With BidPixel’s help, Gemma was able to quickly turn her advertising campaigns around, exploding her sales from $70,000 per month to over $350,000 per month in a short space of time.

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$283k Profit

9.0x ROAS

“When we made the move over to BidPixel, we saw our return on ad spend soar…prior to BidPixel, we were in debt and looking to close our doors.”

Meagan from Fawn and Finch was in debt and losing money based on the fees she paid her previous agency. With BidPixel’s help, her results turned around and her business has gone on to become an iconic children’s footwear brand.

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We only want to be ad experts

If you are sick of lack-lustre campaigns that cost you money and consume way too much of your time to either create or manage, we want to help.

We want to help you with just one thing – paid advertising strategy and implementation. You need to get back to what you are good at – expanding your product range, designing the next smash hit idea or knocking off at 5pm to spend time with your family – allow BidPixel to let you get back to what you need to be doing most.

Whether you’ve gone as far as you can running ads yourself, or have had a terrible experience at the hands of another agency, we’d love to see if you are a good fit to partner with.

If, at the end of a 30-minute call, we haven’t been able to instil you with confidence or if we don’t think we are a good fit for you, we’ll recommend the next steps we believe you should take and refer you to someone who can help more.

Want to know more about the ad management services we offer?….

Take a 30-min deep dive


BidPixel was one of the first preferred Facebook agency partners in Australia and we currently manage over $10million in annual advertising spend.

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Google advertising is the no.1 high intent form of advertising. After being at the coalface of Google’s Ad platform for decades, the BidPixel team can help you capture the intent of your ready to buy prospects for less.

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Instagram is a visual platform, are your ads getting the attention they deserve? Treat your Instagram ads as a highly targeted form of social engagement with natural-looking feed or stories placements.

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The rise of smart devices and social media means instant gratification is rampant. Interact with your prospects and customers 24/7 instantly with customer service chatbots and artificial intelligence that learns from each interaction.

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7 Surefire Ways To Boost Your Brand’s Facebook Engagement

7 Surefire Ways To Boost Your Brand’s Facebook Engagement

Only 6% of your “fans” are engaging with your Facebook page.

While over a staggering four billion Facebook posts go live each day…

Let that sink in for a second.

The estimated number of active Facebook users is almost 2 billion now. And while the ratio of 1:2 users and posts may seem easy, the percent of organic posts reaching an average facebook user is only 2%!

Influencer Marketing’s Newest Game Changer: Instagram Paid Partnership

Influencer Marketing’s Newest Game Changer: Instagram Paid Partnership

Back in June, Instagram released a small but very meaningful update with its platform – specifically for Influencer Marketers. The “Paid Partnership with” tag has recently been rolling out to more and more Instagram users, taking the place of the late #ad tags. Many marketers considered this small detail is a big game-changer. Specifically for

Boost Sales with Facebook Messenger

Boost Sales with Facebook Messenger

If you’ve been tuning in with our blog post, you’ve probably considered – or maybe already added to your strategy the Facebook Marketing.

Mostly we’ve talked about Facebook Video Marketing: how effective it can be and how it can ultimately boost your brand, 100% guaranteed with the right marketing formula.

Facebook continues to become more and more granular as it progresses, even reaching the point of creating its own division of messaging app.

Facebook is Rewarding Faster Loading Webpages With Higher Ranking

Facebook is Rewarding Faster Loading Webpages With Higher Ranking

Last month, Facebook announced its update to start ranking faster loading webpages higher on its News Feed.

This is to increase the traffic distribution of links to fast loading web pages — which will relatively roll a negative impact to slower loading web pages and sites.

The coming update will dive deeper into a published web page: consider its loading time and compare its speed result to the other competing links published by users and business pages alike.