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This company used Facebook Ads to help revive their product after nearly 30 years

7.5x ROAS
10% CTR
$7,000 Revenue
55,000 People

The Melbourne Map is a hand-illustrated print of Melbourne’s architectural skyline.

The first version was released in 1990 and was hugely popular. After 28 years, The Melbourne Map is releasing a long-awaited updated map reflecting all the dramatic changes in the Melbourne skyline.

When the Melbourne Map engaged with BidPixel, they had just finished a successful crowdfunding campaign. The project was well underway, but further funds were needed to get the project over the line.

As well as this, the world has changed significantly since releasing the first version of the map in 1990. Although there was confidence the product would again be popular, given the technology at the time, there was no real way to leverage the customer’s who had originally purchased the original product for remarketing.

Essentially it was starting out with a complete cold audience with the hope of jogging a few memories in the process. Firstly, the goal was to push the brand back into the spotlight. It was mix reconnecting purchasers of the original print and introducing the concept to all the other Melbourne lovers out there. The second part of the goal was to convert some of the traffic into some pre-sales for the project. Any revenue they could generate through presales would assist them to pay the artists to complete the project in a quicker time frame.

First, we set out with a number of traffic campaigns using interest-based, geographical based and lookalike targeting. Once we had generated enough traffic, we would then set out to create some conversion campaigns including retargeting to generate the desired presales.

With the campaign running for just 6 weeks, we were able to get in front on 55,000 people. Amazing!

– Melinda, The Melbourne Map

With the campaign running for just 6 weeks, we were able to get The Melbourne Map in front on 55,000 people. With an average click-through rate of 10%, we saw great numbers through to the site. The presales proved to be popular with an average of 7.5 x return on their ad spend. Not a bad result considering the product is still in the presale stage.

Sometimes you have great products that just need to be put in front of the right people to show just how great they actually are. For the guys at The Melbourne Map, they spent $950 on their Facebook ad spend and were able to generate over $7000 in revenue.

This not only gave them the funds they needed for the project (plus more), it also gave them the confidence and excitement to know that their product was exactly what all the lovers of Melbourne were waiting for.

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