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3 Life-Changing advantages to Cross-posting across Facebook and Instagram

facebook and instagram marketing

We all know about Facebook and Instagram, but did you know that Instagram is owned by Facebook?

This means that these two platforms are linked and work well together making it possible for you to cross-post between the two.  

There are several advantages to cross-posting across both platforms, and here, we have listed the main 3 for you.  

  1. Building Brand Awareness
  2. Enhance Audience Reach
  3. Easily Manageable

1. Building Brand Awareness 

By cross-posting across multiple social media platforms, you can grow your brand awareness

Enhancing brand awareness is something that all business owners should want for their brand, and by doing this you can increase your potential for more sales. 

By cross-posting, not only are you able to convince people that follow your brand to join your fan-base on other platforms, but you also have the opportunity to attract new followers for your brand.

Cross-posting will also allow your brand to keep appearing coming up on your newsfeed – placing your brand at the forefront of your audience’s minds. 

By using cross-posting as a strategy it can help build brand familiarity. Brand familiarity is the biggest goal for any business as it starts to advertise itself, it also organically increases the exposure and potential reach of your brand and can therefore increase your sales. 

2. Enhance Audience Reach

Facebook has been around since 2004 and due to this, it has a massively large audience pool of over 16 million Facebook users in Australia alone, with 47% who are males and 53% who are females, with an average age between 25 and 39 years. 

In comparison, Instagram is relatively new. Instagram has had enormous growth over the years with more than 9 million Instagram users in Australia, 43% men and 57% women of which are aged between 18-24. This younger group of people represent the dominant audience on the platform and are an audience you need to think about reaching.

The format of Facebook allows more information to be uploaded than Instagram, which is more visually based.

In Instagram you want the image to capture attention immediately, whereas, in Facebook, you can provide a fuller description of the products and/or services.

By linking these two large platforms together and cross-posting across both, you can reach a wider audience within seconds.

So to sum up, this allows you to enhance your audience interaction with little effort.

HOT TIP: If you want to incorporate Facebook ads You can create a ‘two-hit ad stream’. This will allow you to reach prospective clients who follow you on both platforms. 

3. Easily Manageable

We understand that life can be a little busy and stressful at times, making a posting on both platforms seem like something that will take up more time in your already crowded schedule.

But this is where things get interesting. If you create a post on Instagram, with just one click, you can send this post to Facebook instantly. The magic is that it works the other way too! 

And it gets even better! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist. It is easy to get started. You’ll be directed to where you put a caption and upload your content filled photo and then you’ll have the options to allow sharing and link it to your Facebook. 

For example, as you can see if you post content on Instagram, with a switch of a button you can get the platform to publish your post on the other platform. 

So why not make the most of this opportunity that will help you not only monitor and manage your brand’s media presence online but also increase brand awareness and enhance your audience reach with just one click.  

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