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Your New Klaviyo Agency Partner

Klaviyo is the powerhouse email marketing platform that outperforms nearly every other marketing tool when it comes to creating new and unique ways for acquiring, retaining, and reengaging customers.

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Turn hard-earned customer data into hard-working text and email marketing that actually resonates with your audience.

By utilising purposeful personalisation, Klaviyo is able to deliver emails that talk to customers like you know them (because you do!) Imagine for a moment that you are a purchaser of unique, A-line frocks from a particular brand. They send you a few emails here or there with deals and offers, but you only open a few of them in your overflowing inbox.

Imagine now that they suddenly send an email with a headline addressing you by name, informing you of a restock of a dress you’ve had your eye on in your exact size. This is the power of Klaviyo’s segmentation tool. Delivering curated emails to the right person, with relevant information at the exact right time. Thus making your customer’s feel seen, not targeted.

Plus, by partnering with us, we’ll be able to not only build these segmentations while you sit back and relax, we’ll also be able to use your Klaviyo data in your other marketing channels to build lists of prospector buyers based on your top 10% of customers.

That’s all possible, plus plenty of options that you’ve never considered before when it comes to sending emails through Klaviyo. Book a strategy session with us today!

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Obligatory screenshots of results we get….

Klaviyo agency partner results
44% of sales from Klaviyo emails
$25,699 in Klaviyo sales in first 30 days
$96,000 in sales in 30 days
Klaviyo agency partner results
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So how does it work?

How do you tap into a heightened user experience that makes customers feel like their needs are being heard rather than targeted while upping revenue for your business?

Getting Klaviyo setup expertly is honestly one of the best decisions you can make for both your wallet and your brand. The upfront cost to have it built correctly and tailored to your brand persona/voice will be quickly forgotten when you see the month on month returns.

On a recent e-commerce Shopify store and Klaviyo setup, within the first 7 days Klaviyo represented 41% of the store’s total revenue, $12,771 coming from purely automated emails, and an additional $40,918 coming from the brands weekly EDM emails. This was at a cost of just 26c per recipient.

Klaviyo Agency Partner
Klaviyo email campaigns

Engaging BidPixel for your Klaviyo implementation gives you a team of experts at your disposal.

At the leading edge of this will be your dedicated Klaviyo implementation expert, coupled with your Client Experience manager. They will have the full support of our larger team of copywriters, graphic designers, and account managers to build you some of the most complex but bang-for-buck website coding, email content writing and audience building your brand has ever seen.

You will journey with us through a  whirlwind process of deep-diving, development and implementation of numerous Klaviyo flows, creative templates for your ongoing campaigns, as well as a data-driven list of segments to help you send better emails and ads to your customers and prospects time and time again.

Jay Janus
Chris Mott
Team BidPixel

Let our team of Klaviyo agency experts scale your results profitably!

Your new Klaviyo agency partner team are all Australian experts, who have been at the coalface of email campaigns for years.

Our direct connection with Klaviyo as one of the first Australian Klaviyo Preferred Partners allows us to work on cutting-edge campaigns that will deliver you a positive ROI automagically.

So what does setting up your Klaviyo emails automagically actually get you?

Your payoff is not only a strong customer experience across a critical marketing channel but also a traceable revenue source that you can rely upon.

Done well, it’s going to leave your customers and prospects wanting to hear from you more often, and it is going to give you an automated source of revenue, allowing you to focus on the things in business that you love doing more.

We’d love to have a chat with you and give you an expert’s opinion on whether investing upfront into Klaviyo flows, lists, and segments are the right thing for you.

If we don’t think it is, we’ll make sure we give you some advice on what we believe is another area you should focus on first.

Recapping, Klaviyo, when set up well, is not just an email marketing platform.

It is going to help tie up the loose ends of your brand that many owners/founders forget.

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