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Social Impact

BidPixel believes in giving back and blessing others. We actively support the following organisations.

one for israel

One For Israel focuses on reaching Israelis with the Gospel message and training up the next generation of leaders.

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Set Free Care was started in 1996, out of ongoing requests for food from people who were hungry and poor and looking for assistance.

A simple idea of a BBQ to meet this immediate need of hunger/need for those who were seeking assistance, quickly grew into a substantial free lunch program.

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wipe every tear

Wipe Every Tear provides women real hope for a great future by offering a way out of the sex trade in the Philippines. Each woman Wipe Every Tear meets in the bars encounters love through the relationships cultivated. If she chooses freedom, she is greeted with open arms, a safe bed, and promptly enrolled in school.

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TAYO jewellery is crafted and designed by powerful women with real-life stories of redemption, who have chosen to leave the bars where they were once trafficked, manipulated, sold, and exploited. Each piece of jewellery carries a message of hope. From darkness to light. From slavery to freedom.

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Priceless Life is a not-for-profit charity that was established in 1996 that assists women going through pregnancy under difficult circumstances through counselling and support.

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liberty people

Liberty People Philippines focuses on the building of educational facilities, homes for children and widows, and the provision of aid and relief in times of natural disaster.

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