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3 Instagram Strategies you need to Ditch in 2021

3 Instagram Strategies you need to ditch in 2021
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How do you know if the Instagram Strategies you are using should be ditched?

In the previous blogs, we have talked about some of the do’s and don’ts for Instagram Strategies and we will be adding to that list today. You might wonder why and the answer is simple, Instagram’s algorithm changes. 

Just for emphasis, Instagram released a number of updates for this month alone. If you want to check it out, you can find them here.

Now to cut to the chase, here are some common Instagram Strategies that we want you to ditch.

1. Stop SPAM commenting on other accounts

You might have encountered these people on the platform. Remember those accounts that comment about stock trading to just any of the posts you publish? Or those accounts which leave backlinks or hard-sell their products? Do not be like them.

People are smarter nowadays (technology-wise) and they know which are dummy accounts versus real and authentic brands. If you are going to comment on a post, make sure you read their captions well and leave a comment that is valuable for that particular account. Trust us, they will check you out and eventually follow you or engage.

HOT TIP: Have a list of hashtags where your ideal client avatar is usually hanging out and try to comment on the latest posts that are noteworthy and related to your niche. Do this regularly and evaluate this strategy every month.

2. Stop random tagging in your photos

Ahhh this is one of the most irritating and spammy strategies to have ever been implemented! 

We often see this with micro-influencers when they tag the brands that they use in their photos for the companies to notice them, and it’s fine as this is an effective marketing strategy. The method we abhor the most is when you upload a random photo and you tag everyone hoping to sell something, just stick to tagging the accounts that are directly related to the photo you upload and not literally everyone on your list. 

How about instead of randomly tagging people, go for hashtags and geolocations instead? Instagram loves people who use geolocations in their posts and these posts tend to get better reach and engagement.

3. Stop being a Copycat

We have all been there (or not). We all want an easy peasy fix, so what most people do is to go and spy on their direct competitors’ accounts and directly copy the hashtags they use.

Honestly, this strategy may have worked well way back, but Instagram has gotten a lot more intuitive. Aside from recognising that this strategy is lazy and spammy, it won’t help your brand if you directly copy hashtags. Why?

You and your competitor will both be ranked and seen in exactly the same hashtags and we’re pretty sure you don’t want that right?

HOT TIP: Create a hashtag cluster consisting of broad, not so broad, geolocated and niche-specific hashtags and rotate them accordingly. Do not use the same cluster for ALL of your posts especially when it’s not related to your post.

We have emphasised this time and time again, Instagram is a powerful tool that is free for business owners to be seen by potential customers. Let’s use it in the best way possible to gain a loyal and authentic audience that can make your business grow in the long run. 

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