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3 Marketing Platforms you NEED to be on besides Facebook and Instagram

facebook and instagram

Has your engagement on Facebook and Instagram come to a halt? Have you started feeling like your marketing brilliance has slowly plateaued in 2021?

Or maybe you feel cheated by Facebook and Instagram because even though they claim to have more than a billion daily users, no matter what you do, your organic reach now has fallen to a measly 5.2%?

This is where we tell you not to put all your (promotional) eggs in one basket. 

While Facebook and Instagram are no longer the only valuable platforms out there, it’s vital to diversify your brand across multiple valuable platforms to reach new people, and to make sure the day one of the big platforms falls, you don’t lose your entire audience!

New algorithm changes in 2021

Gone are the clickbait days in Facebook and Instagram, where pages come with all sorts of sensational schemes to solicit a like, share, or tag. 

The algorithm is smarter and is less likely to show promotional posts with sales links, repeated content, or reused captions. Real likes from real people and content-filled posts are what will get the traffic that both e-commerce owners and marketers like us desire.

And right at this moment, it is high time that we convince you why you NEED to be on these 3 platforms!

1. LinkedIn: The marketplace of professionals

This professional social media platform boasts a massive network of job seekers, professionals, and decision-makers, all wanting to network and establish connections.

LinkedIn is known for the perfect place to scout for possible investors, look for your next career move, build up your name in the business or find deserving candidates fit for your job opening.  

But something you may not have thought about; this platform hosts a whole new customer profile that you might be missing in your marketing plan.

Posting content and making connections on this platform can help you reach other businesses. With a convincing pitch, maybe you can get them to stock your products? Or maybe a company has seen you post about your product on Linkedin and was convinced by the benefits that they need your product for their workplace?

This platform has a six-degree connection feature that allows you to see how connected you are to your prospects and competitors. So for all you know, the CEO of Apple might be a 6th-degree connection that has seen your innovation and promoted your product!

Alright, maybe that is a stretch, but this platform has huge value for your marketing plan this year and isn’t something that should be slept on!

2. Tiktok: A new breed of entertainment

Yes, Tiktok is where you can see a lot of young people dance, sing, and act for entertainment. But have you thought about how you could use it as a marketing tool?

As an e-commerce business owner, this can be a great platform for you to grow your prospect base organically. Being a younger platform than Facebook and Instagram, Tiktok is less competitive, yet it still has millions of users that have never seen your product in use!

Low competition, high audience reach, and relatively low cost (for advertising) what more can an entrepreneur ask for? 

3. Klaviyo: For email and customer-centred E-commerce

What happens the day all social media platforms crash? What happens if your account gets deleted? 

How many times have you seen that an influencers’ account has been deleted by Instagram? It happens every day and 9 times out of 10 it isn’t re-enabled. They then have to start another account from scratch.

This CAN, and HAS happened with business accounts and as a smart business owner you cannot rely on other platforms to host your valued follow base – and this is where Klaviyo comes in.

Make sure you are diversifying your brand to not just live on social media. Create content that pushes your audience past social media and subscribes to your email newsletter, or your online blog. Keep your followers close and don’t fall into the common trap of entrusting social media platforms with your valuable followers.

So get out there and set up accounts for your business on platforms that will benefit your marketing strategy! If you need help with setting up your email marketing on the best platform available on the market, then get in touch.

If you’re looking for experts to grow your e-commerce business through successful digital and email marketing campaigns. Book a Complimentary Strategy Call with us!