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4 Mistakes You’re Making With Email Marketing!

Email Marketing can be frustrating.

Every little tip and trick you try doesn’t have the result you intended or you fall into the trap of just letting it run itself. These are the mistakes you’re making with email marketing!

You’ve tried deal after deal and you’re undervaluing your products just to make sales to your database.

Does this sound like you?

Effective email marketing in 2021 is tough and many businesses are falling victim to either their own mistakes or blindly trusting an agency that steers unsuspecting business owners like you down costly rabbit holes.

From being at the coal face each and every day, talking to 1,000’s marketing managers and business owners, we’ve documented the top 4 mistakes that will waste time, lose you money and cause your business to fail.

Being an agency, we often see businesses making mistakes in their email marketing strategy that means missing out on BIG revenue. Here at BidPixel, we make it our primary goal to educate small and large businesses on the best strategies for digital marketing without the price tag.

The below points will get us back to basics and get you on the path to becoming the top 1% of e-commerce stores that turn emails into magical revenue and customer experience machines, printing thousands of dollars
of additional sales each month on autopilot.

1. Failing to send emails at all

If you do not currently have a planned email strategy, you’re missing out on one of the biggest growing opportunities in the marketing space. In 2019, email users around the world totaled 3.9 billion and this figure is set to grow to 4.3 billion users in 2023 (Statista, 2020). That’s over half of the world’s population that could be missing out on what your business has to offer them.

2. Not tracking revenue.

If you are sending emails to your database, make sure you’re understanding how to track your revenue. Not getting an accurate measure on return from your email marketing campaigns will leave you in the dark about where your
revenue is coming from. With the right email marketing platform, all of the hard work is taken care of for you.

With our preferred email marketing platform Klaviyo, data isn’t hidden behind complicated queries or slow reports. Whatever you’re working on, your data is right in front of you, so you always know what you’ve done and what you
need to do.

Self Assessment: Are you tracking the revenue from your email marketing campaigns? How will you know where your revenue is coming from?

3. Sporadic Email Sending

Please do not send one email every 6 months and expect a good result. This  doesn’t work with dating and it shouldn’t be done with your customers. Your  customer database needs a consistent form of communication tailored to  them specifically, surrounding what you have to offer them. Remember your  customer database is subscribed to you for a reason, they’re interested in  what you have to offer – so give it to them! 

Create a planned schedule that will give your database more than just seasonal deals and offers. Educate them on something about your business,  just make sure this content will be valuable to your audience.

Hot Tip: Try building a content plan so you know exactly when and what you should  be sending to your database.

4. Jumping into bed with new subscribers –  The 12 stages of intimacy. 

The 12 stages of intimacy were first coined by behavioural scientist Desmond  Morris and is a fantastic analogy for the email marketing process.  His theory explains 12 stages of intimacy you should go through for a  successful relationship; starting with noticing a person across a room through to the moment you know you cannot live without them. 

If you were to skip any more than 2 of these steps in dating, then the relationship would be over. You do not want to jump straight into bed with your database – you need to court them first. Bring them with you through each step of the courting process. Introduce them to your brand and work your way through your customer relationship to a point where you feel they are comfortable to take the leap to purchase.  

Now you’re maintaining a successful relationship! 

Hot Tip:  Treat your customers like a romantic relationship, you have to court them  first!

Do you want to see 17 more secrets on nailing your email marketing automations? You can download the whole PDF here.

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