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The Significance of Building A Winning Company Culture

Are you getting tired of having a team culture that has a high turnover of employees? How about the actual cost of rehiring and retraining of these team members just for them to jump ship in less than 6 months? Believe us, we hear you. 

That is where building a winning company culture comes in. If you are running a business, whether it’s a marketing agency, a large company or a startup; to achieve exceptional outcomes and returns, you need a team that is invested and committed to what you are trying to achieve. 

Here at BidPixel, we have experienced first-hand the marvelous growth in our company, and with that, the team of people behind the scenes has grown as well. As the team has, CEO Dave Granfield and the rest of the leadership team have continually focussed on creating a team culture that is something to be proud of.

So, here are the 14 steps put together by our CEO, Dave Granfield, in building a winning company culture that actually works and you can be proud of (these are all self-explanatory and proven btw):

Find out what is your company WHY?

What are your goals for the company and WHY do you want your company to sustain giving back through our chosen charities, treating our staff with the utmost respect and genuinely have a passion to grow our customer’s businesses.

Keep an open book with your staff

Basically, our staff knows how the company operates, they know how much we get from clients and how much we are paying to our charities and the like. This helps the team members feel more a part of the ongoing growth and development of the company.

Hire the person and not hire for the position

We are firm believers of the saying putting the right people on the bus, and then working out where they sit. We’ve done that time and time and time again, and although the number one rule of business is don’t hire family, friends, someone from your church, or a schoolmate; At BidPixel, we broke all those rules, and it’s worked exceptionally well for us every single time.

Invest in training

We cannot stress this enough, we are advocates of continuous learning and education especially between team members in the company as growth starts from them. If they are unhappy and they feel stagnant or like they are not moving forward, your company will be a reflection of those things.

Do the dirty work that you’d expect your staff to do

This is for the bosses and founders. Do the stuff that no one else wants to do because they’ll respect you more, and they’ll be more likely to do it themselves when they see you putting in the effort to do it. A little bit of humility goes a long way.

Learn to be flexible

We are advocates of healthy family life and relationships. There will always come a time where your staff will need to take time off because of emergencies or family matters, let them. Their appreciation will go a long way.

Be open to feedback

Feedback is usually welcome when it comes from a place of power, but what if, it comes from your team? Will you still welcome it with open arms? You should. Positive and negative. Being open to feedback will show your team that you are approachable and care about what they think. 

Reinforce the values and the company why.

We continually move back to our why and our values and those top three things: helping charities, good staff environment and genuinely caring about our customers and wanting to see their growth. If we just say at the start of the year and then forget, it has no effect at all. Continually using the company values as a reference point will keep everyone on the same page. 

Plan in quarterly targets

So, each quarter, we set a goal. We work in 90 days, and that 90 days is broken down into 12 segments or 12 weeks. We have a rolling 90-day plan that we try and build to. It’s SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE,  ACHIEVABLE, REALISTIC and TIMELY.

Rewarding or going as far off as punishing once plans are not met

Accountability is everything in a company. It will make your team members responsible and bound to whatever goal you are trying to achieve. Having rewards and incentives give your staff another reason for them to take ownership. Plus it’s just a good idea, in general, to reward your team for their hard work.

Job Satisfaction

Find out what drives your team members. What do they most enjoy about their role and how do they get the most satisfaction out of working for your company? It’s not going to be the same for everyone, but if you have the ability to increase the level of enjoyment your team gets out of their work, you will reap the benefits in the form of loyalty and productivity. 

Knowing your staff

It’s actually the same as the above but in a more personal approach. How do they spend their weekends? Kids? Pets? You know the drill.

Fewer hours and less stress

We adhere to our 9-5 routine with no work done on weekends. This ensures our team has more time with their family and friends and lets them recharge, again, the staff will not be the only ones that benefit from this one. 

Choose your customers

Always look for a clear path to success. Are you able to get the results and the right service? Are they going to be an advocate for your business? In BidPixel, our team members are more important than anyone else and we happily say NO to clients if they are not the right fit. Taking on clients that aren’t the right fit can set your team up to fail which can, in turn, impact their job satisfaction and productivity.


These steps might seem simple, that’s because they are. But so often these points are overlooked in the quest for success in business. Having a strong and winning team culture is crucial to the ongoing success of any company and we here at BidPixel have experienced this first hand. Maybe you have something to add to the list, we would love to hear and learn from you.