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Get 100's of Sales each month from hyper-targeted Facebook Advertising

Are Facebook advertising results kicking your butt? Or are you one of the 94% of businesses not yet using this highly lucrative advertising platform to grow your brand?

Is it because you are getting (or scared of getting) lacklustre results?

Maybe you are struggling to understand how your current team or agency are spending your money and just don’t understand if the results you are being told about are actually profitable.

Fact: We recently polled 1,000+ of the top websites in Australia and 87% of their advertising managers didn’t know what their key metrics for success were, or how to effectively target their ideal customers!

Facebook has over 2.41 Billion active users and 1.74 billion of those are browsing the platform throughout the day on their mobile phones.

These figures have been growing by 21% year-on-year, cementing the fact that Facebook is indeed a place your brand needs to have a paid presence.

The biggest issue with Facebook for advertising, is that it changes daily! It’s hard for the average business owner or marketing manager to stay on top of the updates and get consistent results.

Let me ask you this…

Do you spend money on brand awareness and finding new clients?

Or do you channel all of your budget into trying to get known clients to commit and spend up big?

Nearly every brand I speak to has lofty goals to 2x, 5x or even more than 10x their current sales but they either don’t have faith in their current business practices to grow, or they just don’t trust the people they have surrounded themselves with to reach their goals.

Let me outline how we can help below. Whether you are already running Facebook campaigns or not, I feel we can offer a lot of unbiased support to ensure you are getting an explosive result on your investment.

Facebook Advertising - Dave Granfield

Dave Granfield – BidPixel Co-Founder and CEO

This is where we draw the line in the sand

We told this women no to running Facebook ads for her – find out why!

Recently we told Kirstin from My Big Adventure no to running ads, watch the video to find out what she thought of that.

At BidPixel, we’ve drawn a line in the sand and other agency owners think we are crazy. We are polarising our audience because of our ethics, and it’s working out extremely well for brands like you.

You see, we look out for our prospective clients and don’t just take your money, throwing it on ad campaigns for the sake of it while raking in management fees to fill our own pockets. 

This is a polarising way of running an agency, as a large portion of our agency competitors will be fast to sign you up and slow to get you results. 

We work hard to potentially say no to people who want to advertise with us.

When we say yes, it’s because we can see a clear path to success and we know your business is going to thrive on Facebook. 

Facebook ads have 273,000 touch points to build an audience on. 

We can target people based on age, gender, location, interests and behaviours and even build lists of people who look just like your existing customers. 

We can help you get your existing customers to come back and spend more.

...We want to see you dominate your market with Facebook advertising!

Facebook advertising

And when we say dominate, we mean tap into an audience so right for your business that they start to throw money your way! 

Once we find that audience, we’ll use our expert knowledge to find more people, just like them. Continually adding ready to buy prospects onto your radar. More red hot customers ready to buy equals more money in your bank account!

There is literally NO OTHER channel out there today returning acquisition costs and reach metrics as cheap as Facebook. 

The platform is so effective in fact, that you can filter down your audiences with over 273,000 persona building touch points, allowing you to laser focus in on your ideal customers.

Not only that. For cents on the dollar, you can chase your ideal customers around the internet. On any device, at any time of day, wherever they choose to spend their screen time. 

Putting your brand, products and services back in front of some of the highest qualified leads your business will ever have has never been easier!

It’s all possible and it’s the reason why your competitors are flocking to Facebook in droves.

It’s time to get the advantage back. It’s time to go big and it’s time to dominate Facebook before you get left behind!

We've only been with BidPixel for 3 months but our campaigns have been seen by 1.8 million people and we are getting a 10x return on ad spend.

Gemma - Infamous Swim

If we hadn't engaged with BidPixel 12 months ago, we wouldn't have such a large part of the market share now.

Jerry - Awesome Driving School

Grateful! We were about to shut our doors... Now because of what BidPixel is able to offer us, we are flourishing and going leaps and bounds.

Megan - Fawn & Finch

BidPixel was able to really use the Facebook Advertising platform in ways we have never seen before. What we were doing in a month is now being done every single week.

Dan - DK Stainless

There is a hidden truth to running Facebook Advertising

We would not be an ethical agency if we didn’t share this with you.

Facebook ads are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to promoting your business. 

It is a money making machine that consistently can turn $10 into $100 day and night, but…

…you can throw millions at a bad Facebook advertising campaign or a bad website and get zero dollars in return.

There is no magic button that switches on the money making machine when you start advertising on Facebook, and many businesses get caught out.

Countless business owners and marketing managers read the hype and believe it will be easy to get results. It’s not easy, and it is getting harder.

Facebook advertising hidden truth

Let's deep-dive into your brand before we get started

We’ll start slow and make sure that your brand, products and services are actually a good fit for Facebook’s advertising platform.

We’ll go through our Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) calculator with you, running your critical numbers through a series of tests to confirm what your breakeven advertising cost is going to be.

Once we work out what your costs are we’ll find the audiences that are hungry for your products or services.

This ethical setup strategy has worked, and worked well, across 100’s of industries, and with big and small budgets. Because we take our time at the start, it means we can accelerate when it matters most – when your money is on the line.

Facebook advertising doesn’t work for everyone though and that is why we sometimes say no.

Your product might not be the right fit for your market or your service might not suit the kind of advertising that is Facebook’s interest-based targeting. Maybe we deem that your website is not going to handle truck loads of traffic, or that it might not convert leads at the rate that we know it should.

You need to understand that it’s only once you’ve gotten everything right that it’s like turning on a fire hose.

36-point Facebook Advertising checklist

Get Our FREE 36-point Facebook Checklist Now

So, you’ve got a great product or service that you are passionate about, you feel it’s unique to the market and yet you are still struggling to get results for your paid advertising or, you don’t even know where to start!

Get Our FREE 36-point Facebook Checklist Now

So, you’ve got a great product or service that you are passionate about, you feel it’s unique to the market and yet you are still struggling to get results for your paid advertising or, you don’t even know where to start!

36-point Facebook Advertising checklist

If you aren’t ready, that’s ok, We still want to help.

We’ll be slow to take your money and we’ll offer up advice on how you can best prepare your brand, product or service for advertising on Facebook.

By now, you are beginning to realise that there is MASSIVE potential to advertising on Facebook.

By now, if you’ve read this far through, you know we want help you. 

By now, you’ve also seen us throw around the idea that we are an ethical agency. This is a polarising statement in our industry. You are either going to love and trust our openness or not believe us.

We want you to challenge us on this. Watch some of our testimonials, have a chat to some of our team and decide for yourself if you believe our ethical claims.

Welcome to your new way of running Facebook advertising

We honestly get a kick out of facilitating ethical growth and it just so happens that we love to build relationships with our clients along the way.

Sound like something you want to be a part of?

Book a call and let’s find out if your brand is ready to scale up on Facebook.



Get your copy of our eleven digital marketing mistakes to avoid report and find out how much money you are leaving on the table.



Get your copy of our eleven digital marketing mistakes to avoid report and find out how much money you are leaving on the table.