11 December 2017
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Facebook & Instagram Ad Copy & Headline Formulas

How to (Benefit) Without Having to (Challenge)
“How to Lose Weight Without Exercising.”
“How to Buy a House Without Having Good Credit or a Down Payment.”

Get (Desired Result) in (A Specific Period of Time)
“How to Lose 10 lbs in 21 Days.”Get 12 Months of Bookkeeping Done in 15 Minutes With This New Software”

(Undesired Result) and (Mysterious Solution)
“5 Productivity Hacks that Will Keep You From Being Glued to Your Computer 8 Hours a Day.”A Previously Unknown Home Remedy Proven to Reduce Heart Disease.”

The (Number of) Lies/Myths/Mistakes About (Something Common)
“The 5 Lies Your Doctor/Financial Planner/Banker Has Sold You.”
“3 ‘Healthy Foods’ that Increase Belly Fat”

Discover 7 Ways to (Benefit) Without Having to (Undesired Result)
“The Only Lifestyle Eating Plan that Allows you to Eat All of Your Favourite Foods and Still Lose Weight.”
“Discover the #1 secret to driving the golf ball 10 yards longer without spending hours on the range. (Or spending $400 on a new driver…)”

One Weird Tip/Hack/Secret
“One Weird Fat Loss Tip.”
“Cut Down 3 Lbs of Belly Fat in 7 Days Using This One Weird Tip.”
“The Secret of Making Your Partner Fall Head Over Heels in Love With You All Over Again!”

How [Premise] got me [Awesome Outcome]
(The Premise is the “secret sauce” – your thing. Your way of doing it.)
“When I ate massive amounts of rich, delicious foods, I lost 18 lbs in 29 days”

Are you [In this kind of pain or anxiety?]
“Are your tax returns going to throw up a red flag or cause an audit? Are you SURE?”
“Are you going to fit into that dress on your wedding day?”

How I [Achieved an Awesome Outcome] [by overcoming massive disadvantage]
“How I earned a 735 credit score with 2 Tax Liens on my credit report!”
“How to buy your dream home with no money down”

Attention [person in pain] How to [Live the promise] with [easy activity]
“Attention moms: How to quickly cook healthy meals for your kids without turning on the oven”

Secrets/Tricks/Strategies/Techniques/Systems of [Someone who is living the promise]
“Daily rituals of the wealthiest, most successful people in the world”

WARNING/Alert/Attention/Be Advised – [A specific type of prospect] Will [A situation even more painful than currently in]
Go after common beliefs (low fat diets are good, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, etc.)
“Warning: If you drink cow’s milk you are 5 X more likely to trigger osteoporosis”

[Give me/Show me] [A situation/amount of activity] and I’ll [Deliver you to the promise land/Prevent you from experiencing more pain]
“Give me 7 minutes and I’ll show you how to never cold call again”

[Number or Statistics of a [Type of prospect] are Now [Living in the promise land] [Despite] [An initial negative reaction to the premise]
“27,348 pianists unable to read music are now playing beautiful music despite once scoffing at the idea of playing by ear”

[Number] of ways to [Reach the promise land] while [not increasing pain/anxiety/loss/effort/frustration]
“3 Ways to double your profits while keeping the same number of customers.”

Power Words

Most powerful word of all: You

Words About Newness

  • Introducing
  • Welcome
  • Unique
  • Announcing
  • Breakthrough
  • Surprising
  • Exciting
  • Astounding


Words About Exclusivity

  • Special
  • Secret
  • Hidden
  • Truth
  • Temptation
  • Forbidden
  • Never
  • Revealed
  • Exclusive
  • Limited


Words About Urgency

  • Now
  • Discover
  • New
  • Results
  • Only
  • Direct
  • Hurry
  • Quick
  • Fast


Words About Saving

  • Save
  • Money
  • Win
  • Cheap
  • Free
  • Reduced
  • Bargain
  • Bonus
  • Discount
  • Lowest


Words That Reassure

  • Can
  • Guarantee
  • Proven
  • Easy
  • Care
  • Simple
  • Safety
  • Lifetime


Words About Pain

  • Hate
  • Failure
  • Afraid
  • Lazy
  • Humiliation
  • Alone
  • Reject
  • Stress
  • Stupid
  • Guilty


Words About Caring

  • Family
  • Love
  • Children
  • Heaven
  • Dream
  • Health

Trusted by 100+ Companies & Organisation Like…

189% increase in enrollment numbers
189% increase in enrollment numbers
Louise Revill - Marketing Manager - Riverside Christian College
Read More
Their staff are great to work with and experts in their field, making light work of our digital ad campaigns. In the past 2 years since we have been using BidPixel's services we have experienced a 189% increase in enrollment numbers when compared to the 2 years previous.
 10x ROAS $350k/mth
10x ROAS $350k/mth
Gemma - Infamous Swim
Read More
I was looking for a Facebook ad agency that was really good with their communication… I found that amazing with BidPixel..
Account management that BidPixel has is excellent
Account management that BidPixel has is excellent
Dan - DK Stainless
Read More
BidPixel was able to really use the Facebook advertising platform to really benefit us in ways we haven't even seen before.
 $283k Profit 9.0x ROAS
$283k Profit 9.0x ROAS
Meagan - Fawn & Finch
Read More
When we made the move over to BidPixel, we saw our return on ad spend soar…prior to BidPixel, we were in debt and looking to close our doors.
Very ethical and comforting in the way they work
Very ethical and comforting in the way they work
Tanya - Jolly Soles
Read More
BidPixel Pty Ltd's work has resulted in increased sales for the fundraising company. Efficient and communicative, the team performs well and manages the engagement seamlessly. Their guidance and attentiveness allow for a long-term partnership.
Enquiry, visitor traffic and increased awareness
Enquiry, visitor traffic and increased awareness
Jess - Sovereign Hills, Lewis Land Group
Read More
5/5 - Dedicated account rep, personal service and great understanding of our business goals, excellent response record and always willing to update our content
We are getting traction – it’s happening
We are getting traction – it’s happening
Dr Mark Levi - Dr Levi's Sleep Clincs
Read More
For the last 4 months, I’ve been working with Liam and BidPixel – he’s told us what he’ll deliver, he’s delivered it and we are getting traction – it’s happening!
$15 Million Of Sales In 1 Month
$15 Million Of Sales In 1 Month
Alex Phillis - Alex Phillis Luxury Real Estate
Read More
Working with the team at BidPixel we are able to be reactive on each property campaign, focusing detailed targeting for each property around a granular buyer persona.
Double the courses from the same time last year
Double the courses from the same time last year
Jerry - Awesome Driving School
Read More
Last year from Jan to Feb we did 61 courses, this year we did 119, basically double the amount.
Generated quality leads for potential future students
Generated quality leads for potential future students
Donna - Hunter Design School
Read More
What we asked for (and got) was to increase our presence as a design school and generate quality leads for potential future students.
Makes my job, much easier, and I appreciate it...a lot!
Makes my job, much easier, and I appreciate it...a lot!
Sis - Wolters Kluwer
Read More
The team at Bidpixel have the deep domain knowledge that and tech know-how to truly deliver an omni channel campaign that delivers results, not just through social and search metrics, but leads for our sales team. Their work helps us to drive the sales pipeline.
Increased traffic, increased sales
Increased traffic, increased sales
Jacinta - Salt Living
Read More
5/5 - Excellent communication and regular meetings make me feel very taken care of. Increased traffic, increased sales. Also created professional email flows which I didn’t have set up before.
Constantly delivered a 9x return
Constantly delivered a 9x return
Emma - The Dog Mum
Read More
We have been with BidPixel for just under a year & half, & in that time we have spent $50k on marketing & the team has constantly delivered a 9 times return on that investment...
Good genuine people who want to help & do the right thing
Good genuine people who want to help & do the right thing
Kirstin - My Big Adventure
Read More
I would absolutely recommend BidPixel to other businesses because they are honest and transparent, ethical in everything they do.
There been 7x return or more than that
There been 7x return or more than that
Melinda - The Melbourne Map
Read More
My average is I'm getting 5.5 times return on my investment, that's a terrific boost...

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