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What is Campaign Budget Optimisation all about?

If you have had any Facebook ads running in the last few months, the chances are you would have come across some material explaining that later this year, Facebook advertising is moving to ‘Campaign Budget Optimisation”.

Great news right!!???….err….well…what even is it? Why do we need to know about it?

What is Campaign Budget Optimisation (CBO)?

So let’s rewind a little. To understand how this new budget allocation works, we need to look at how the campaign levels work.

In any given Facebook ad campaign, there are 3 levels.

The First is the Campaign Level. This is where we set the objective of the campaign. Do we want traffic? Conversions? Engagement?

This is where we tell Facebook exactly what we want the campaign to achieve. The second is the Adset Level. This is where we set who we want the ads to reach by setting the audience for the ads.

Under a campaign, you might have a number of different adsets pointing to different audiences.

The third level is where the ads are made, the creatives. This is where you choose your image or video along with the copy for the ads. The 3 levels combined is what you need for an active Facebook campaign.

Up until now, the most common way of allocating your advertising budget was done on the Adset level. This would leave it up to the account holder or manager to adjust their budget according to which adset was performing best.

Now introducing Campaign Budget Optimisation (CBO)!

It was in This is where we can set the budget at the campaign level. Why is this an advantage? Well, it allows the Facebook algorithm to automatically disburse your budget according to the performance of each adset. The better an adset performs, the more budget it is allocated. In essence, with the budget going to where the best performance is, you will get a lower cost per result which means more bang for your buck.

So What Does it Mean For You?

If you have an agency like us looking after your Facebook advertising then you can sit back, relax, and your Facebook ads will keep running!

As an agency, we’re always excited about new developments and learning more about how we can get the best results possible for our clients, so we have already been diving in and testing with the CBO feature.

If you are running your own ads, then come September 2019, your campaigns will move to CBO. Hopefully, with a little bit of time and learning, it should make your budget allocation a more simple process.

Campaign Budget Optimisation is available now, so you have a good amount of time to get in there and test it out and see how it works, so then come September, you are already ahead of the game!

Does this resonate with you?

Maybe you run a business and you are wanting to see better returns from your ad spend?

Maybe you are running your own Facebook Ads but you are struggling to keep up with all the changes?

We would love to have a chat with you about how we can help you run better campaigns that get you better results.