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10 Content Ideas for Social Media Posts

Always thinking about putting out content ideas can give you analysis paralysis.

And that’s totally normal! So don’t worry! As always, we got you covered.

Digital Marketing

Before the era of the internet, advertising was only for big and reputable companies. 

Small businesses couldn’t afford expensive TV and print ads nor radio and billboards.

They couldn’t share their brands with the world and had to solely rely on walk-in clients and word of mouth referrals. Thus, the inability to advertise made business expansion hard for them.

However, everything has changed with the introduction of digital marketing and advertising. 

Presently, even micro-stores can easily reach out to their target market and introduce their brands through online platforms.

But with this newfound ease to advertise, the space is getting a lot more crowded, and it’s easy to get lost.

So here are some of our suggestions for content ideas to cut through the noise and get one up on your competitors!

1. Share the tools You Use

Don’t you love it when your neighbour shares with you how she cut her electric bill in half?


This strategy works just as well with your audience. 

Sharing the means you used to grow your e-commerce store is an act of goodwill. Besides, telling others where to find quality tricks and tools instantly makes you an authority in your industry. 

Your followers will love you more for it.


Almost everyone loves a good quote to cheer them up on a stressful day: Bible passages, inspirational quotes or heck, even funny memes!

Whatever the theme may be, relatable quotes can boost your page views. Plus, they are the easiest posts to share.

Bring out those cute animal posts and motivational sayings, but remember, do not overdo it. Keep the right kind of balance to provide value to your audience.

TIP: Make sure whatever quote or joke you use is relevant to your audience!

3. Explain Your Why

People only buy from those they trust. PERIOD.

The best way to show your market that you are trustworthy and dependable is by telling them why you started your e-Commerce business.

Your potential customers will want to deal with someone transparent, honest and who stands for the same things that they do.

TIP: Are you selling dog food and toys? Share how your passion for dogs started and how you want the world to change through your business. Be sincere and do not over fluff.

 4. How-To-Tutorials 

Also classified as Do It Yourself tutorials which are all the rave right now due to the pandemic; which has pushed a lot of people to stay at home. 

These tutorials are one of the most searched topics on the internet. 

And, they range from technical tips like ‘How to code with Ruby on Rails’, to light-hearted topics like ‘How to know if your crush likes you back’ kinds.

Tutorials give people an easy, digestible crash course to something in your niche so get on board and focus on what you can offer to help your audience.

TIP: Check out our how-to tutorials for our latest addition to our services!

 5. Organisation tips/secrets

People want to feel that they know something that others do not. 

How did your business make it to the top? Why do you have high sales conversions? (You can always tell them it is because of BidPixel *wink*)

It is human nature and a natural reaction to want exclusivity.

Let them in on some of your secrets. That way, you are helping your audience improve and promoting loyalty at the same time.

 6. Industry News

Updates are necessary and happen frequently in the digital world, especially when it is about the latest developments in your chosen niche.

People have the right to know what is happening in your industry and the world around it.

TIP: Look for industry news that can trigger a certain reaction from your audience, it may be a positive or negative one.

7. Behind the scenes

Ever wondered why the reality show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ is extremely popular? 

Simple. Curiosity. 

Humans love to see what other people are doing behind closed doors, the drama and the juicy stuff. How does it feel to be the other person?

After all, a little competition is healthy and a little sneak peek won’t hurt right?

8. Workplace photos

Our favourite amongst the bunch!

These can be your regular office photos or the glow up pictures. For example, a before and after collage of what your home office looks like before you hit your first 100k.

Or, production photos from your factory and how you grew your team from 1 to 100! The choice is yours, your only limit is your creativity.

9. Rate those hot and popular tools in your niche

Have you ever watched reviews on YouTube? 

Rating popular tools used by online stores similar to yours is pretty straightforward. You can give feedback to the tools based on your experience using them, and recommend whether or not they’re worth the hype!

TIP: You can also share why you did not use a particular famous tool, and add pros and cons for each one of the tools. This will make you more relatable for your audience.

10. Holiday posts

Last but definitely not least, are your vacation and holiday posts.

Putting holiday posts on your page shows that you are human. It lets your audience know that you still feel excitement for the holidays like them.

Holidays give your followers something festive to look forward to every season. A special discount or beautiful store decoration. Anything out of the ordinary.

And keep things creative! Put some time aside each year to plan out what your seasonal posts will be for your online store! Need some help with these? Send us an email and we can help you stand out this holiday season!

With all these content ideas from us, we are 100% sure you will never run out of posts for your social media accounts. 

Don’t have the time to create your own bangin’ content? You know the drill. Email us to book a complimentary strategy call, no strings attached.