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5 Unconventional Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website

Are you affected by the current slowdown of buyers and leads on your E-commerce website? And are you looking for new unconventional ways to get traffic to flood back to your online store?

You have come to the right place. 

When the old traditional ways of digital marketing and attracting customers fail you, try these little and not so known secrets from the experts (ahem, us!)

 1. Facebook Groups 

Like Google, Facebook is a super search engine optimisation haven with over 1.45 billion daily users, it is a melting pot of targeted leads. 

Almost every business, be it in the service space or retail, are already playing in the paid advertising space on Facebook and its network, but it’s getting busy. 

However lucky for you, Facebook groups are still an untapped gold mine and is one of the unconventional ways to get traffic to your website

On Facebook Groups, members feel that they are at home with like-minded people who understand and get them. Some communities are so tight-knit, that they have an almost cult-like following. 

It’s kind of like, a social network. huh!

And this is exactly where you and your expertise comes in.

Start with using business-related keywords to search for the groups in your niche, that you can join. You may need to wait for a while to be approved by the group’s admin. And once inside, you SHOULD interact, comment and chat with other members.

Don’t go shamelessly promoting yourself yet. 

Read, understand and remember each group’s rules, unless you want to get kicked out or banned for violating. Some groups allow you to promote your web links, while others don’t. Even if you cannot advertise your business, you can still network with other members. 

TIP: Join conversations, give advice or ask for help. Be a valuable part of the community and people will naturally gravitate to you.

2. Quora

Be an expert just by answering people’s questions, that is how Quora works.

Brands looking to build their authority or have engaged niche followers, start here. Quora has millions of monthly visitors, which any online store owner will surely want to tap. 

Show your expertise. Advertise your store and pick the minds of other experts from other industries.

TIP: Ensure that you are choosing topics to answer which you are really knowledgeable about and not just random stuff that is unrelated to your niche. You want to be the expert and not a jester if you know what we mean. 

3. Tiktok

Ahhh! The platform that you love to hate!

Tiktok started as a taboo social media platform in 2016 and after a few name changes and hiccups like Trump trying to ban it in 2019, it is one of the fastest-growing mobile platforms in 2021.

We honestly speak to dozens of people who sentiment something similar to “TikTok’s audience is too young for me”, or, “none of my clients are on TikTok”. While some of these statements might ring true, Tiktok has largely been a platform for a younger generation, the next generation of people getting to the age to make a purchase and financial decisions for themselves. Unless you are selling walking frames to 80+-year-olds, Tiktok and other emerging platforms should always be looked at as opportunities to garner the eyeballs of the next generation of your customers. 

With over a billion active users, these Tiktokers might just be the market you have been looking for.  Make sure to set one main goal and be clear about it with your audience.

Send your Tiktok viewers to your website and boost your email list. Always keep your followers intrigued, entertained, and informed. Once they have formed a trust in your brand, sales will then follow.

TIP: As TikTok is a creative platform, you want to focus on capturing your audience’s attention in the first few seconds of your frames. Use transitions and music that are trending to make way for your posts to get noticed.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest can be a marketing bible to your online store if you treat it seriously. 

Studies show that brands get more traffic from Pinterest than the combined forces of LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google. Insane, right?

Since Pinterest revolves around beautifully pinned photos, make sure your store pictures are head-turning good and keep the audience engaged enough that they spend more time on your own boards and subsequently clicking through to your website.

Be inspiring, loud and thought-provoking.

TIP: Have a well-written description on your posts and tag people only when appropriate. Use search terms, share buttons and humour to make your audience hooked and eventually an advocate.

BIGGER TIP: If you don’t think your images stand up to the quality of those on Pinterest, we can help you with this! We’re now offering Product Photography services and it’s worth asking us about what we can do to help work this into your service!

 5. YouTube 

This massive video platform offers perks that are not available in other social media communities. How? 

Through its high searchability in Google.

Research keywords using the Youtube search bar before uploading any videos. This gives you an idea of what videos, titles and descriptions are trending. Remember to always have a clear call to action on all your videos and their descriptions. 

This can lead to a landing page on your website, your store’s product page or your check out cart. An

Use the best Google SEO practices in your video and post descriptions. And ALWAYS ask people to subscribe to your channel whenever you have a chance to as this builds audience loyalty to your channel and store, eventually.

We personally use the plugin Tubebuddy (no affiliation, just adoration) to help us optimise our own Youtube channel. Through careful SEO and well thought out content, we are growing our channel organically in excess of 1,000% annually – which is leading to inbound sales inquiries.

If you’re looking for experts to grow your e-commerce business through successful digital advertising campaigns. Book a Complimentary Strategy Call with us!

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