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3 mistakes YOUR agency could be making with your Facebook ads

Facebook ads or paid advertising can be the make or break of your business.

So how can you ensure you do not fall on the latter?

As an agency, we speak to many business owners who have been unhappy with the results and service they have received from other agencies. There are a lot of digital advertising agencies out there and unfortunately, some aren’t always in it for the right reasons. 

Lucky for you, as usual, we have compiled the most prevalent Facebook ads mistakes so you can see the red flags of an agency yourself! 🚩🚩🚩

 1. Boring Facebook Ads Creative

Did you know that your audience will spend only roughly 1.7 seconds browsing every post? Yes, that fast, eh?

Make your ad worth their while within the first few milliseconds of their interaction! First impressions do last and matter here.

  • Have a clear proposal and call to action
  • Build your value and story into the image of your ad creative. Place a clear call-to-action and value proposition into your Facebook ads creative.
  • Use contrast in colours, fonts and formats. Make your proposition concise. Always lead them back to your website.
  • All these should be present in your ad image, headline and description. Guide your audience and potential customers to the next step you want them to do after they follow your call to action.
  • Use the correct picture dimensions

Nothing can be more annoying than skewed and poorly formatted ad images. 

Make sure your ads are not grainy, blurred or distorted.

Match your images to the ad placement to avoid any awkward margins. As much as possible, use custom-designed images that tell your products’ story.

Redflag: If your agency isn’t taking the time to renew your creative every now and then, this could be a red flag that they aren’t taking the appropriate measures on your account.

2. Too many links to reach the actual product

Remember the last time you shopped online, and recall what made you enter your card details and hit check out? 

Most probably, it was an easy buying experience. It took only a few clicks to reach the product you wanted from their ad. 

Apply the same to your Facebook ads and ensure that your buyers reach your product checkout page in the easiest possible way. 

Send your buyer directly to the product page, and then think about how many steps they need to take to purchase your product.

That is why one-click purchases are so popular, as buyers hate so many links.

Redflag: If your agency hasn’t spoken to you about simplifying the buying experience, then this could be another red flag. We’ve seen it time and time again where an agency claims their Facebook ads is doing well but there are low to no conversions.

This is where they might turn it around on you as the business owner and point the blame on your website. Although, this issue could have been highlighted before onboarding you as a client. Thus a red flag your agency might not be the best fit for your needs.

3. Not excluding people who have purchased!

It is annoying to keep getting ads of the same product you just bought. That is why Facebook has the option of blocking repetitive ads. 

Instead of retargeting your previous buyers in your Facebook ads, use lookalike audiences.

Lookalikes are people with similar interests with your best existing audience and might be interested in the products you sell. The purpose is to reach people who have not engaged with your business yet. 

Lookalikes are a great strategy to get new leads who most probably will like what you are selling.

How to create Facebook Lookalike audiences?

  1. Go to Facebook Ads Business Manager, then select Audiences. 
  2. Click Create Audience and select the Lookalike Audience option.
  3. Choose a source audience, country and set percentage
  4. Select Create Audience button.

Redflag: If your agency doesn’t want to discuss the specifics of their strategy, then you might want to think about looking elsewhere. An agency should be willing to discuss its strategies with you in as much or as little detail as you would like.

If you don’t have the time to run your ads yourself, you can always ask us to do it for you. Book a no strings attached strategy call here to find out more.