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4 Steps for Growing Your YouTube Channel

Growing your Youtube channel is great for gaining new audiences and maintaining loyalty to the existing ones. 

However, getting seen in the biggest video-sharing platform is a big challenge given its one billion subscribers. So, how do you stand out?

1.  Create Killer Content

You already know that content is king. Your content should champion others in your niche to stand out. Here are surefire ideas that will help you in growing your Youtube channel and boost your loyal subscribers.

Before and Afters

Great for beauty, health, and wellness industries. It highlights what the buyer has gained from buying your product or service.

How-To Tutorials

How-tos are one of the most popular content types on the internet. It helps viewers have an inside look into the process and skills needed to complete something. 

Satisfying Content

These are short, eye-catching, and easy-to-follow videos that are 15-20 seconds long only. Examples are culinary tips, cooking advice, and instructional DIY.

Short clips of life hacks and luxury lifestyles like what Bacardi did, appealed to a younger audience. The key to satisfying content and growing your Youtube channel is to make the video relatable, informative, and easy to replicate.

Products Out In The Wild

Content like this shows your product or services in action. Examples are videos showing impressive four-wheeled drives in action. 

Nice cinematic shots of rehydration stations. Or manufacturing factories that show machines cutting textile or mixing ingredients.

Jaw-Dropping Content

Also known as Guerilla Marketing, this idea is to grab people’s attention and tell them a story all through one ingenious ad or video.

On YouTube, this can be done via video infographics. Short videos below 4 minutes that inform the viewers of a message or awaken them with a realization.

2. Must-Knows

There are general rules every YouTuber like you must remember in growing your Youtube channel.

Post Consistently

Once a month, once a week, or daily – it’s all up to you. Find a schedule you are comfortable posting regularly but it should be that – regular and consistent.

If your goal is to grow your Youtube subscribers, then you need to nurture these people to be your advocates in the long run. Give them a rough schedule of when they can expect new content from you and make sure YOU STICK TO IT.

Adorable Animals

Pictures and videos of cute animals can rake in views! If you can include animals in your content every now and again, do it, especially in thumbnails.

Disclaimer: Please DO NOT use animals for the sake of views though. It’s misleading and unethical.

Spend On Small Ads

Ads can show your videos on pre-roll, which helps in growing your YouTube channel organically. Ads work by recommending your video to other people’s homepage and sidebars.

Not to mention if you spend a little on Youtubes’ advertising platform, the more likely they are to push your content as an organic suggestion!

Share Everywhere!

Every time you upload a video, make sure you share it across ALL your platforms. Examples are Facebook, Instagram Feed, Reels, Story, Linkedin, email campaign, Twitter, etc. 

This increases your visibility to viewers. 

TIP: The first 12 hours of views highly impact how your video performs. Make sure you share your video right after you post it.

Solicit likes 

Always ask viewers to like, share and subscribe to your videos. Explain how it helps you keep creating content they enjoy. And they will happily comply.

 3. Keywords

Download TubeBuddy to help in growing your Youtube channel.

It does Keyword research for you, which helps you with your keywords, tags, and Title.

Aim for a 100% SEO Score on every video to increase your organic Youtube Search Ranking. 

You can download the extension here

Below is an example of the data I can see with this plugin. Try and tick as many boxes as you can.

You can also look at what keywords your competitors are using. You may find some that you also want to use for your videos.

Every video’s keywords are different. Do not just copy and paste the keywords every time. Think about what the viewers you want would be searching for and use these keywords to lead them right to your videos!

You will need to put some time into this and use all the tags for your keywords. Do not miss out on views just because you did not have all the tags you could.

4. Thumbnails

People will judge your videos by your thumbnails – it’s just a fact. They are the first thing people will see, and the deciding factor of whether or not they watch your video – so make them catchy and tell a story.

Keep them simple and eye-catching

The first rule, grab people’s attention with a head-turning thumbnail. It should tell people what to expect from your video with just one glance.

Make it clickable

Include something in your thumbnail that makes people want to know more. You have to hook the viewers and draw them inside your video.

Tell a story

A good story always attracts viewers. This is where people decide whether to watch your video or keep scrolling.

To cap it all off, growing your Youtube Channel is hard work and takes time – but is rewarding when it starts to take off, so you don’t need to sweat the small stuff as this blog will help you all the way.

If you don’t have the time to run your ads yourself, you can always ask us to do it for you. Book a no strings attached strategy call here to find out more.