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4 Tips to Generate Content Ideas for Social Media.


Have you ever felt burnt out with the constant battle of creating evergreen content for your e-commerce blog and social media accounts?

We feel you. 

Even though we are a full-scale digital marketing company, we still go through mental blocks and blank stares at the wall on what content to give out to our audience, heck we are humans too!

But what if we can help and teach you the process that we follow when we encounter these blocks? Sounds good, right?

Here are some of our tips on how to ensure that you never run out of content ideas for social media ever again.

1. Social Listening

In every relationship, listening is one of the most important factors in making it successful. Marketing is a relationship, a tough one at that. How do you know what kinds of information your audience needs? What are their problems? What makes them happy? What do they actually want from you?

As we always say, your followers want to feel special and loved. They want to be heard and all of these can only be done through social listening.

HOT TIP: Here’s the fun part, social listening also entails checking out the competitors that have the same niche as you. Now, it does not mean that you steal their ideas, but instead, you can get some inspiration from what they are doing and try to replicate it according to your brand.

2. Check out an Ideas Generator 

You have heard of name generators for blogs, right? 

This is pretty straightforward and as the name suggests, it generates content ideas for you in one snap. We recommend using where you can type in a keyword and it will generate an idea or a title for you that you can use for your blog posts or social media. 

Trust us, we are not in any way affiliated with them but their tool is pretty cool to use plus it’s free! Who can resist a title like Darth Vader’s Guide to Content Ideas? 

Apparently, not us.

3. Create Social Media Pillars

Oh no, don’t get intimidated by the word pillar just yet! We don’t mean big those colosseum structures.

Content pillars are 3 to 5 values your brand stands on. Within these brand values, you can generate content ideas that fall under these categories.

Think of it as big chunks of content that you will be dissecting in smaller ones, structure your content creation will revolve around. This will make your marketing life easier as you do not need to panic and create last-minute posts every single time.

TIP: List down your 3-5 brand values. Now come up with 4 content topics under each pillar. Now you can create a weekly or monthly content calendar.

4. Batch create your content.

It’s extremely time-consuming to create content every day for your social media platforms. So how can we manage our time better for content creation?

Try to schedule a time either once a week or once every two weeks to create all of your content. Usually creating content means setting up gear, planning, finding the perfect place to film or photograph. Batching your content creation in one sitting will streamline your creative processes and allow you to use that time you get back to do other things.

Now you just schedule your content for whatever times and days you planned and your posts will go out stress-free. You will thank yourself for it and your posts will have a higher rate of engagement and retention because your content will be better thought out.

Creating content can be fun and very fulfilling until such time you run out of ideas. Following our tips will ensure that you have a steady stream of content ideas while not getting burned out in the process of creating them. 

Don’t forget to have fun while you are at it!

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