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Tag: eCommerce

Klaviyo Vs Mailchimp

Mailchimp vs Klaviyo…Is there a clear victor?

With all the options available for email marketing today, we’ve taken a look under the hood of two of the major players in the industry – Mailchimp and Klaviyo – in order to help you decide what platform best suits you! We have said time and again that investing in

5 Things you need to Stop doing on Instagram!

5 Things you need to Stop doing on Instagram!

Ever wonder why your recent Instagram posts have not been performing how they used to?

A lot of people would be quick to blame the algorithm for changing once again, but when was the last time you researched the performance of your hashtags?


5 Steps to Google Success in Advertising.

Are you an e-commerce business owner who wants to advertise on Google, but doesn’t know how? From store inventory to marketing and sales, you know how to do it all, but that doesn’t make you the Google expert…