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5 Things you need to Stop doing on Instagram!

5 Things you need to Stop doing on Instagram!

Ever wonder why your recent Instagram posts have not been performing how they used to?

A lot of people would be quick to blame the algorithm for changing once again, but when was the last time you researched the performance of your hashtags?


5 Steps to Google Success in Advertising.

Are you an e-commerce business owner who wants to advertise on Google, but doesn’t know how? From store inventory to marketing and sales, you know how to do it all, but that doesn’t make you the Google expert…

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E-commerce in 2021: What does it look like?

The year is coming to a close and it’s safe to say that it has been a whirlwind of ups and downs for the world of E-commerce. In a span of almost 365 days, both small and big businesses have had to shake things up as the landscape which we

copywriting for eCommerce

Copywriting Made Easy for E-commerce

Ever wondered why your sales are still not soaring high even though you think you have a great product to market fit and an awesome website to boast of? Have you ever considered checking out your product descriptions and how they are written? Are you shamelessly promoting the products features?