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How to Market During Covid19

By now, it is safe to say that EVERYONE has been affected by the Coronavirus (Covid19).

It is happening and its effects will be around for months, if not years to come.

Suffice it to say, a lot of business owners are affected with the lockdowns all over the world, especially those who have physical stores that offer services or stuff that are deemed not as in demand as FOOD, MEDICINE and SHELTER.

So what does this mean for small business owners?

There are two paths to choose from, stay as is and wait for the situation to become better, or adapt and rise above the problem.

Of course, we will choose the latter, every single time.

Here are some suggestions that you can follow if you are a brick and mortar business who is struggling to stay afloat amidst all the chaos and confusion.

Begin the transition from a physical store to an online store.

We cannot stress this enough, even before this health crisis happened: you need to be found online. The customers and your target market are all evolving and they are getting younger and younger. What does this mean for you?

Almost everyone goes to Google, Facebook and Instagram when searching for things to buy. They even gauge the businesses’ validity by checking reviews on the store’s Facebook business page or Google listing.

More and more customers are now very well-informed as they look up reviews for products (both positive and negative) before they decide to buy or acquire anything.

Now, introduce the lockdowns, and everyone is depending on the internet for anything and everything. Who do you think catches the most leads and sales during this period in time? The businesses relying on foot traffic and newspaper advertisements or the online stores who are advertising to computers and mobiles through social media?

Get your inventory and other business-related requirements in order and create that Facebook business page for your business and claim your Google business listing.

The first few steps are the hardest, and we are just here to help you along the way.

Start a Facebook Ads Account and Create Your First Campaign

You already have an online business right, so what do you do next?

You need to create a Facebook Ads manager account through your existing Facebook page, there are lots of tutorials on how to do it but we recommend the tutorials that Facebook make. What better way to learn other than directly from the author, right?

You can check out the steps here.

Now that you have your Business Manager account set up, it’s now time to create your very own campaign.

Here in BidPixel, we are big advocates of brand-awareness campaigns to get your brand, product and service in front of people so you can be recognised. This will help fill the top of your sales funnel.

For this, we recommend choosing this objective just so people will warm to your brand first.

Aim to educate them on who you are, and why they should be buying from you. It goes without saying, if you are one of the few who are lucky and you are a commodity like food and beverage, they don’t need to learn all these things from you.

However, you need to let them know that YOU actually exist and you are available for business despite the current situation.

If you need some guidance on how to create your first campaign, check out this course from Facebook, also make sure you are logged in your account for a smoother process.


You will have to have the right attitude in order to successfully climb up the rubble, with everything that has been happening. Our tips are just guidelines for you to follow and it’s still up to you to push yourself and actually implement all of these.

But if all else fails, you can book a strategy call with us for FREE, with no strings attached or check out some of the businesses we have already helped along the way.