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1 Degree of Separation – “The Facebook Friends of Strategy”

We have all heard about the theory of 6 degrees of separation. The general crux of this theory is the belief that there are 6 or fewer steps (degrees) that separate every living thing and is most often thought of in regards to relationships and friendships.

So in theory that means you are only 6 relationships/degrees away from the President of the United States, the Pope, The Australian Prime Minister, Bono, Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift.

On the surface, this might seem pretty crazy, but when you look into it, there is potentially some merit.

I don’t know how many times I have been on Facebook, and noticed my own friends have some pretty amazing friendships of their own that I had no idea about, and I am sure we have all asked that question of a friend of ours … “how do you know them?”

So when your friend with somewhat questionable motives and extra-curricular activities says “I know a guy that knows a guy,” or “a friend of a friend of mine…” maybe they aren’t just telling tall stories.

Often times we don’t actually stop to consider who our friend’s friends are, and are instead just content (rightfully so) with our own friendships. 

But…………….. like-minded people run together, and in Digital Marketing you can leverage that insight.

Chances are if you are a surfer, you have friends who are also surfers; a squash player, you have friends who also play squash; a golfer, golfers; Business Owner, friends that are also in business. Even things such as gamers, craft, rockabilly, and specific types of music, such as Norwegian Death Metal ?.

If you are in business and looking to increase your brand’s awareness or an eCommerce store that sells Norwegian Death metal band merchandise, your current clients and customers actually have friends that are also interested in the same things as them.

There is only 1 degree of separation between you and your next customer, and that is by using the “Facebook Friends of” targeting category.

So you have easy access to a whole moshpit of Norwegian Death Metal fans that you didn’t even know about….Doesn’t that sound fun. 

“Friends of” lets you target people who are friends of people who already like your page, who have already engaged with your business somehow, or are even your customers already. It is a hyper-targeting feature that is highly successful and lets you find your very own moshpit of Norwegian Death Metal fans without throwing money at diluted marketing attempts.

If you would like to know more about how this feature can help you, drop me an email or message and I would love to chat.