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How to Create the Highest Converting Cold Targeting Strategy for Facebook Ads

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Has your sales pipeline come to a screaming halt? Then you’ve most likely exhausted your advertising audience. We see this happen all the time with businesses when they are not utilising the entire sales funnel with their marketing strategies.

You may be at your wit’s end trying to figure out which kinds of Facebook ads should go where in the sales funnel. 

If you want to learn more about the sales funnel and how to create the most effective sales strategies, click here.

If this sounds like you, then buckle up, we’re about to discuss the highest converting Cold Audience Targeting strategy we have employed to turn those Cold Facebook Audiences into Hot, ready to buy customers!

BUT first, we need to know some facts about Cold Audience for you to decipher what kinds of strategies will work for this section.

What is a Cold Audience in Facebook Ads?

A cold audience or lead is an audience that has never engaged with any of your content before. Treat this audience as people who have NEVER heard of your brand before, they never viewed, commented, nor have they previously been interested in any of your products. In other words, they are your top funnel audience. 

Now what do we need cold audiences for? Simple, you can’t scale your business without new potential customers as your funnel will run out of people to advertise to. In every sales funnel, you need to keep refilling the top section to be able to continuously have sales coming through.

How do you identify these Cold Audiences?

Primarily, you need to know your niche and what your target audience looks like. 

Are they male or female? What age bracket are they in? What are their interests? Where do they live? Are they english speaking, etc? These are all questions you can ask yourself to help you decide what you should be targeting to reach these cold audiences.

 In short, you need to create a persona. This persona will answer all the questions that you might need to specify your targeting.

HOT TIP: You can use the Facebook Insights Tool to create an informed strategy surrounding what your audience looks like. 

How do I create these Cold Audiences in Facebook Ads Manager?

Alright, we’re finally at the juicy bit. Now that you understand exactly what a cold audience is and how to identify what they look like, now we can target them.

The best strategy you can use to increase your success rate for reaching these cold audiences is to create a lookalike audience.

A lookalike audience is a custom audience built off what your existing customers ‘look like and are the most likely audience to buy your product or service.

You can create different types of lookalike audiences tailored to exactly what products or services you are trying to sell based on the people who have actually purchased those products or services.

This strategy is the most effective way to target new cold audiences to keep feeding the top of your sales funnel.

HOT TIP: Your source audience must comprise at least 100 people from a single area/country in order for Facebook to consider them as a lookalike audience. We suggest an audience of 1000 to have a good pool to establish a lookalike audience from.

Now that you’ve got your Cold Targeting Strategy, you can further retarget those who engaged with your cold audience ads. These leads have now become a warm audience and are one step closer to completing your sales funnel experience.

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