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SEO for Shopify Tips: How to nail off-page SEO Ranking

When it comes to Google and the SEO game, it is not enough that we ace and invest only in the on-page optimisation but in the off-page strategies as well. These two strategies come hand in hand when it comes to the overall progress and success of your campaign.

So, how do you actually gain authority over SEO and Google?

We have to admit, Google’s forever changing algorithm has left us with a limited number of choices in gaining traction for our eCommerce initiatives but has made us more innovative and intuitive in doing the best practices that are acceptable and effective. In short, we also need to evolve in terms of what we do and don’t do. We also need to understand the basics and the terminologies before we can delve into the actual steps needed for you to grow your Shopify SEO.

What is the off-page SEO?

The easiest way to explain is that it’s basically your online footprint and every little thing that’s linking back into your website from other websites.

Google is like a very big spider web of content from different sources and their bots are the spiders who crawl their way to each nook and cranny so that they can find everything relating to a particular niche or topic. So, if they’re not actually finding you online, it’s because no one’s actually linking to you or mentioning you and there’s no way for them to find you.

In addition to this, it’s not just any links you are aiming for. You want them to be high quality and by that, we mean having stuff that’s actually about the same topic from sites that have authority on similar topics or products. Sites that might actually already be known to Google to provide good quality content. Google sees the authority of the website and the content that are linking back to you as they want to make sure that it’s appropriate and relevant as well. 

What are some things you can actually do to nail your off-page SEO?

  • Identify your industry and digital footprint

In the initial stage, the goal is to get your digital footprint everywhere and actually having that broader footprint scope online. This will look better to Google and to your customers as well because, when they’re actually searching and looking for you, they don’t just find one website with all your information. 

But instead, they see you on Twitter, on Snapchat, on Pinterest, they see all these different things about YOUR brand and it’s giving off a sense of higher authority and that you are a trusted identity in your industry. So, it’s creating a more prominent footprint online of all these different platforms linking to you.

  • Go for higher QUALITY and not quantity

It is kind of pretty obvious really but it’s one of the most common mistakes we all make when are starting out. We tend to go for the number of links we are linking to rather than waiting patiently and searching for those higher quality ones. The higher the relevance to your product or topic, the higher quality the link is.

More influential quality ones are going to hold a lot more value as Google looks at a lot more of the actual traffic and the legitimacy of that traffic that are interconnecting with each other. The more people visiting that website, the more value it entails for Google’s algorithms.

In the grand scheme of things, you might want to put off everything and relay it to an agent who is an expert and more experienced than you when it comes to SEO. The most integral part of finding success down this track is to actually research the agency handling your Shopify SEO for you.

Look for actual testimonials and not made up ones. Verify their licenses and certificates if there are and double-check them for negative reviews or feedback from previous clients. Always keep your eyes open for over the top promises as there is no surefire way of getting your website at the top of Google’s list overnight.

In conclusion, whichever path you might choose to take for your Shopify SEO, always put into mind these basic steps. They are pretty simple but when you combine them together, they are effective.  Remember, at the end of the day, the bigger your footprint online, the more authority Google will see you have, therefore they are going to send people to your site.