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Is Facebook Video really King in the land of Facebook ads?

So, you have decided to run some ads on Facebook.

You know who you want to target, you know what you want to achieve, so then, what exactly do you put out there in front of your potential clients? Do you use a still image? A slideshow? A Facebook video?

We’re going to be honest up front and say that we have seen great success using each type of creative (humble brag, I know), and we believe that it is important to test all types of creatives within your campaigns.

But if there is one type of creative we encourage all of our clients to utilise, it’s Facebook video.

Here is why.

Message Retention

I’m sure your if you have spent any time on social media, sometimes it probably feels like it’s a lot to take in.

Getting people to see your ads and notice them is one thing, to get them to actually remember what the message of your ad is another thing altogether. Research shows that only 10% of people who view an ad will retain the information if the message is solely given through text with an image.

Video, in comparison, has been shown to increase that number of viewers up to as much as  97%!

So, if you have a message to share or a story that you want to be heard, sure, you can write it in your copy, but to give yourself the best chance at your message being heard, Facebook video is definitely the way to go.


Facebook is all about engagement, and generally, most advertisers on Facebook are wanting users to engage with their ads and organic content.  

Research has shown that by using video as media content, in both advertising and organic posts, businesses can expect to see in increase by up to 33% in overall engagement on their Facebook profile. More engagement means your content is seen by more people, you get more social proof on your posts ultimately leading to increasing the awareness of your brand. On top of that, because Facebook wants to see more engagement, in most cases more engagement comes with your ads being delivered at a lower cost.

Audience Building

One of the best uses of videos through Facebook advertising is to use the engagement to build audiences to continue your marketing funnel.

If you are launching a product, maybe listing a property for sale, running a video through your campaign allows you to identify who is not only watching your video but also who is watching it the most.

For example, let’s say you were a real estate agent listing a property, you run a campaign using a nice little video showing the property.

You put that video in front of potential buyers, you have 10, 000 views on the video. You can now create an audience out of the people who watched at least 75% of that video.

This means you are able to retarget the people who are showing the most interest in the property.

On top of that, you can then go ahead and create lookalike audiences based on the profile of those who have shown the most interest and all of a sudden your property is in front of more users that have shown a higher level of interest whilst moving to attract more users that are more likely to move down your sales funnel.

Wrap Up

Like we mentioned earlier, we have seen success using all formats of creatives through Facebook advertising.

However, as you can see, using video through your campaigns is far more than just choosing your creative.

It is telling your story, encouraging engagement and giving you the opportunity to expand your audience and grow your business. 

Does this resonate with you?

Maybe you run a business and you are wanting to see better returns from your ad spend?

Maybe you don’t have the time to invest in the platform to make it work for you?

We would love to have a chat with you about how we can help you get more out of your Facebook advertising.