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Remarketing vs Retargeting in 2018

Remarketing vs Retargeting 2018

What is the difference between Remarketing vs Retargeting?

We often get asked this question for clients and perspective clients. Today in 2018 remarketing and retargeting are used interchangeably (thanks to Google), so they refer to the same thing now.

Historically retargeting was referred to showing ads to reengage visitors and remarketing was referred to using email to reengage visitors (like cart abandonment).

But Google called their retargeting service, remarketing ( and now remarketing is more widely accepted as the same thing as retargeting.

The former remarketing activities are now a subset of email marketing and more often referred to as a form of email marketing automation (like cart abandonment).

So in summary think of them as one and the same word.

To add a bit more, Facebook refers to remarketing/retargeting as Custom Audiences.

We hope this explains the genesis and evolution of the terms.

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