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3 Styles of Thumb-Stopping Ad Copy

Anyone can write ad copy for Facebook or Instagram, but not everyone can write engaging, informative text that hooks the reader and leads them to purchase.

While aggressive sales pitches have their place, many of us in the digital advertising space have veered away from this style of writing. There are other styles of writing that can steer a prospect to purchase while also educating them about the product in a way that keeps a  balance in messaging.

So, to help you further understand ad copy styles and how to write great ad copy, here are some styles we like to use.

1. Evocative Ad Copy

Think emotionally enticing—butterflies in your stomach feeling.

You want your audience to feel happiness, sadness, or whatever emotion you think will turn your reader from a passerby to a purchaser.

Don’t think of yourself, but rather put your audience first and think about how your writing can evoke certain emotions in them. Emotion is a powerful tool and when used well, can convince potential customers that they WANT or NEED your product!

Knowing your target audience is what is really going to help with this style. Putting yourself in your audiences’ shoes and using language that will resonate with them.

This style of Ad Copy works best with emotion-based purchases, in industries such as weddings, keepsakes, and any business that sells anything to do with children and babies. 

TIP: Check out this sample ad copy to get a solid idea of how evocative composition can help hook your audience.

2. Compelling Ad Copy

How do you get the attention of your potential customers and then pique their interest enough to want to know more?

By using Compelling Ad Copy.

By including language that gives just enough information for a potential customer to want to know more, you can increase your watch time, click-through rates, and hopefully your conversion rate.

This style of Ad Copy works best with products that promote benefits, such as cleaning products, electronics, and skincare. It also works best paired with high-quality creative content.

Check out this example we created for one of our clients below. This hit a nerve for those pet parents who always experience accidents from their furbabies. Who doesn’t want to wash and vacuum at the same time, right?

3. Informative Ad Copy

One of the fundamental, but most forgotten styles of Ad Copy.

Never forget this is potentially the very first time someone is seeing your product and reading about it in your Ad Copy. Make sure you take a step back for this one and talk about your product like it’s the very first time you are hearing about it. Include its features, benefits, and how it can potentially fix a problem for your potential customer.

Except for a chosen few, the majority of your potential customers will ALWAYS check the details and specifications of a certain product before buying it. So who do you think they will buy from?

The Ad that states this is an electric kettle, period. Or the Ad that says this is an electric kettle that whistles and dances and has built-in LED lights that turn red when it’s boiled and ready to go? Get the gist? 

Check out our example ad copy below, it includes just the right information that a customer would want and it’s clearly outlined for those quick perusers.

Overall, however you write your ad copy to entice your potential customers, it all boils down to your sincerity and how marvelous your products and/or services are. Always think of your customers first and trust us, the rest will follow suit. 

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