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4 Ideas for Mothers Day Sales that will actually convert

4 Ideas for Mothers Day Sales that will actually convert

Did you know that there’s one shopping holiday that exceeds the Black Friday sale every year? 

According to, Mother’s Day is in the top 3 holidays that retailers and e-commerce business owners should prepare for, with Christmas at the top spot and Back to School preps in 2nd place. 

Astounding, right? And here we are thinking that we need to make it big during the Black Friday, Cyber Monday Sales.

A large number of consumers invest in Mother’s Day gifts as early as April every year and the highest contender of them all? Jewelry, with vacations and outings running in second (pre-covid era 😂).

So, knowing this, what should be on the top of your list to prepare for this big holiday? Here are some ideas we came up with.

1. Start planning early 

4 Ideas for Mothers Day Sales that will actually convert

Humans are proven to be procrastinators but that doesn’t mean you need to be. Mothers day is only a month away, that’s right it’s coming up fast!

Planning campaigns doesn’t happen overnight so you need to start planning out exactly what you want to offer this mothers’ day. Is it a targeted email campaign? Facebook Ads? A Mothers Day Deal?

You are the e-commerce store and you need to plan a campaign that’s ready to go live in a couple of weeks.

Why? Brand recall. 

You need time to take your customers through a journey so when they decide to buy, you will be at the top of their shopping list. A simple but really effective strategy.

TIP: Start sending out a Mother’s Day email newsletter series with early bird coupons for the ones who aren’t last-minute buyers.

2. Create hashtags for your brand and Mother’s Day

4 Ideas for Mothers Day Sales that will actually convert

We’ve given you enough tips on how to utilise Instagram for all your campaigns and now is the time to use it to your advantage.

Starting the campaign early on will ensure that this step is as successful as it can be. It will give you ample time to get your hashtags working for you and increase your brand exposure prior to the date. 

More posts = more exposure.

But of course, you also need to take into consideration the quality of the posts you are putting out there. Check out some of the best practices for creating the best posts possible here and here

3. Invest in Facebook and Google Ads

4 Ideas for Mothers Day Sales that will actually convert

Let’s face it, the organic algorithm just isn’t enough to get your name out there. These platforms push you to maximize your ad spend especially during shopping and retail holidays like Mother’s day and if you want to cut through the noise, this is the best way to do it.

Investing in Facebook and Google ads is one of the best things you can do for your sales funnel. If you are still lost on how to start your Facebook ads, you can easily go to their website to check out the correct things to do and how to start. 

TIP: Never boost your posts as this is a total waste of time and money! By doing this you are just increasing your reach to your current followers, not targeted prospects. We can never stress this enough as it pains us to see people fail through this method. 

4. Offer free shipping and late shopper gift cards

4 Ideas for Mothers Day Sales that will actually convert

You know the drill, everyone LOVES anything that is FREE! Why not work around your costing to involve free shipping? Not only does this tickle your customers’ palate but it can also be an awesome way to thank loyal customers as well. 

You know how people are always leaving shopping to the last-minute? Offering late shopper gift cards ensures that you can still get the customers even if there isn’t the time to ship it out to them.

Mother’s day is an important holiday in the e-commerce calendar and putting yourself in your customers’ shoes can help you with whatever campaigns and strategies you will come up with.

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