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Marketing Questions Answered #2: Timeframe of Results, Combining All Audiences/Lookalikes & the Best Place to Get Photos for Your Creative Ads.

You asked: we answered!

Here are some of the top questions from our community answered by our expert team.

What is the timeframe of results when you start or move to a new agency to see great results? 

Honestly, it should be immediately. 

Especially if all the factors involved in a successful campaign are all taken care of, like your products, your website and other factors.

A reputable and equitable agency should have briefed their clients already on the timeframe of results and all these things before they start with any plans and strategies for a brand as Facebook marketing and other platforms will depend on these prerequisites.

Here in BidPixel, we always make it a point to be straightforward with these details as this will be the make or break of all our campaigns.

Our goal is to cut ad spend while maximising profits thus making it very accessible for our clients to scale up easily. 

Is it better to condense the structure and combine all audiences such as lookalikes and interests into their own ad sets or separate them all out? Also, what is a good number of ad sets in a campaign?

Facebook answered the first part of this question just this February of 2020 through the Campaign Budget Optimisation. We have a full video explainer of this by one of our amazing team member Josh Oastler of which you can check out here. 

Basically what that entails is we can no longer set our budgets based on an ad set level, thus we can no longer say here is our particular audience, a demographic or a region, then throw X amount of dollars a day at it. Now, it’s built out in a way that the budget is set at the campaign level, and that campaign controls one or multiple audiences underneath it. 

In terms of the number of ad sets in a given campaign, we usually stick with up to five.

This is about personal preference mostly and practicality. We find this number manageable and smart as we are able to manipulate it in a way that will benefit our client’s campaign without giving us much headache in terms of the monitoring side and scaling of things.

Where’s the best place to get pictures to use on Instagram?

In the earlier marketing days, a lot of people have been aficionados of using stock photos, and yes, we are included.

For a certain time there it worked pretty well, however, just as the algorithms of the social media networks have updated, so is the taste of the general public who are using the platforms.

We have seen a growth of following in raw and candid photos from influencers and brand owners as the people can relate to them for it’s much more personal as compared to the perfect scenario photos we get from stock.

Nowadays, people crave authenticity in a world full of people trying to be perfect and ideal.

So, to answer this question, what we are advocating on right now is producing your own creative content.

Take that selfie, post that picture of you using the product and shoot your own videos.

It does not need to be perfect right away, it just needs to resonate with your target audience and before you know it, they are your fans already. 

PS: Don’t forget your hashtags! 

In conclusion, marketing is a dynamic world and we should be open to change and improvements every single time. These questions might be answered now but rest assured, there will be more questions in the near future and BidPixel will always be here to help.