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Boost Sales with Facebook Messenger

If you’ve been reading our blog posts, you’ve probably considered – or maybe already added Facebook Ads to your marketing strategy.

Mostly we’ve talked about Facebook Video Marketing and how effective it can be. How it can ultimately boost your brand, 100% guaranteed with the right marketing formula.

Facebook continues to become more and more granular as it progresses, even reaching the point of creating its own division of messaging app.

In fact, it was recorded in 2015 that over 40 million active businesses are already on Facebook

and the numbers seamlessly continue to grow.

The Facebook messenger app already accumulated a billion of monthly active users in 2016 and this never escaped the noses of marketers because:

An average of 1 billion messages are being sent monthly between users and businesses on Facebook Messenger.

By taking advantage and giving your website accessible support to all visitors, you can improve your conversion rate up to 485%.

Tried and tested, we have installed Facebook Messenger as on one of our client’s website live chat support and witnessed great conversions over the past month.

A great third party app to use would be Zotabox, wherein you can create your own messenger live chat in three easy steps:

  • Customize Your Tab

Simply choose your preferred font style, colour, and size complementary to your website design.

  • Enter Facebook Like Page URL

Enter the URL of your active Facebook fan page or like the page. This will be the account to haul all of the messages redirected from your website.

  • Choose Your Tab Action

Choosing a tab action gives you two option to choose to open a message box on your website. Typically, it is located on the bottom right section of your website and is available on all pages. Or to open a new browser window solely specific for your Facebook messenger app.

With Facebook messenger knitting the user connections closer, the formality of B2C communication marketing has become more casual and relaxed. It is shifting from a formal phone call and email sales to natural and easy live chats to support each customer.

This progression on B2C communication through live chats have given marketers advantages such as:

1. Allowing convenient and accessible off-desk marketing support

2. Opens access on a handy, permanent thread for the re-connection of customers and businesses available at any time

3. Supports payments through the Facebook messenger platform

4. Easily accessible by embedding on your website for quick contact while customers are online shopping

5. Provides real-time support to all kinds of customers

6. Businesses can personally lead the customers down the sales funnel

With the luxury of practical and accessible technology that we have today, it would be senseless not to take advantage and fully utilize it to their potential.

And like most technology, Facebook Messenger and live chats would be under this category of an underutilized medium within the reach of the online community today.