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Copywriting Made Easy for E-commerce

Ever wondered why your sales are still not soaring high even though you think you have a great product to market fit and an awesome website to boast of?

Have you ever considered checking out your product descriptions and how they are written? Are you shamelessly promoting the products features? Or are you listing the benefits for your prospects to use the item?

If not, it’s time to check it out as copywriting is EVERYTHING in sales.

A good copy can get those customers from window shoppers to repeat customers real quick, do you agree?

You might already have a big question mark lurking above your head right now and before you panic just yet, the guys and gals here at BidPixel are ready to help you.

First off, what is copywriting and how is it crucial in your e-commerce business?

Copywriting is the hidden voice of your brand through written copy and collaterals, which entices your customers to buy your products. It’s the bread and butter of ALL your marketing strategies combined.

It’s not just an advertising plot or scheme, but it’s one of the most important factors why your potential customers will go from just wanting your product to actually needing your product. Makes sense?

Copywriting comprises of the Facebook Ad copy you have been using to promote your products or services, the stock descriptions and information on your website and more. 

What is ‘Effective’ Copywriting and how do you apply it on your e-commerce website?

Anyone can write copy but not everyone can create an effective button clicking, buy it now experience. 

The effectiveness of your copy is not solely based on the words you use that you think will look good for your product or your brand.  It is a plethora of information from a point of view of someone who trusts and knows enough about the product to actually share the benefits of it in the hands of the potential customers.

Go back to your product, look at it and write down what you actually see from it. 

Why should you use it? What problem will it solve from your point of view? If you have noticed, we used the word ‘should’ instead of ‘would’, to emphasise the positioning of your product as a NEED as compared to a WANT.

Effective use of copywriting starts with you as the owner of the business. 

You need to understand your services or products in-depth to be able to share that to other people. How will they believe your services or product if you don’t believe it yourself?

Immerse yourself in your customers’ shoes and ask yourself why would you NEED this product and how will it help you in your daily life? Start from that point and you will see an overabundance of reasons of which you can bunk on.

We compiled some questions for you to ask yourself to help you with your copy:

  1. What problems will my product solve? 
  2. Will it make your prospects life any easier? 
  3. What are the unique features of your product or services that are different from your competitors?
Copywriting is an art that can be learned by anyone but creating EFFECTIVE copy is a different ball game altogether. 

Want to know more? Find the book “The Ultimate Sales Letter” by a legend in the game Dan S. Kennedy. Read that book a few times, fill the pages with notes and apply the lessons you learn to your own products and services.

Let us know if you need any further help or you can easily book a FREE strategy call with us here.