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Debunking the Top 3 Facebook Advertising Myths

Investing in Facebook Advertising has proven to be an essential part of owning a successful e-commerce business. However, along with the popularity, it has created a lot of myths along the way.

That is exactly what we are going to discuss on this blog, as we debunk and explain the top 3 Facebook Advertising myths one by one and try to suggest some tips on how you can improve your ads along the way to make them work for you instead of the other way around.

Here are the top 3 Facebook advertising myths:

1. Boosting posts is just as effective as creating ads in the Facebook Ads manager

Wait, what?! This is one of the biggest Facebook Advertising Myths that you will ever encounter as an e-commerce business owner or marketer. 

Not only does it give you vanity metrics and a false sense of security, but this is also one way of burning money without getting ACTUAL results! We’re not saying it’s bad, but if you want to get actual results from your ads, it is more effective to be able to properly target your audience in the Ads Manager section of Facebook.

facebook advertising Myths

TIP: Facebook advertising manager has more options based on your objectives, goals, and target audiences. Start with a list of demographics, interests, and imaginary details from your ICA (ideal client avatar) and use this information to properly target them from Facebook ads manager. Remember to use Ads Manager and not the ‘boosting’ part of Facebook in the front-end.

2. It’s better to have hyper-targeted campaigns vs broad campaigns

You might have heard about this a lot of times already and you are going to hear it from us again. Facebook advertising targeting can be tricky to some but it doesn’t have to be.

facebook advertising Myths

Hyper-targeting can definitely achieve some results, yes, but you might be missing out on a lot of potential customers. In the past, we have found the most luck with broad audience targeting, but at the moment, with the introduction of ios14.5, we are still testing which targeting approach performs the best.

3. You can’t run a conversion ad with zero purchases

This has been an ongoing debate for a lot of people but the truth of the matter is that yes, you can start a conversion ad campaign with zero purchases. 

As long as you have in depth market research and know exactly what your potential customer looks like, then you can use this data to target your target audience.

As we have discussed earlier, Facebook is forever updating and improving its Facebook advertising platform, and the system is smart enough to find the best possible audience even if your website has no record of purchases yet.

TIP: Always start with a broad target audience and test everything.  You can then narrow down your audience based on this testing. Don’t expect to have really fast results, enjoy the process and learn along the way.

Facebook Advertising Manager has been the go-to platform for almost everybody who is trying to reach more people, sell their products, and create more leads online. It’s normal for Facebook advertising myths to come by every now and then but what’s more important is how to discern the Myths from the Facts. 

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