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Facebook Ad Image Size Guide

Image ads and carousel ads are the most common type of image based Facebook ads. Here is a quick guide to Facebook ad image sizes and specifications.

Other ad types include video, collection, slideshow, canvas, lead generation, offers, post engagement, event responses and page likes. Visit the Facebook Ads Guide page for more information on these ad types.

Single Image Ads

Images cropped to 1.91:1
Recommended resolution: at least 1,200 x 628px

Facebook Single Image Ad Example

Carousel Ads

Minimum number of cards: 2
Maximum number of cards: 10
Image file type: jpg or png
Video file type: Supported file formats
Video maximum file size: 4GB
Video length: up to 240 minutes
Image maximum file size: 30MB
Recommended resolution: at least 1080 x 1080px
Recommended ratio: 1:1