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EVERYTHING ADVERTISING: Are videos really important for Facebook and Instagram Marketing plus where to actually find the extra cash to fund your campaigns?

One of the most frequently asked questions in terms of Facebook and Instagram Marketing is the significance of videos and how you can actually utilise it for your businesses’ advantage. However, a lot of cynical e-commerce business owners do not believe in this theory.

So, to settle the rift and clarify the air, we will answer all these questions in this article.

Is video really that crucial?

YES! Videos in social media can be incredibly crucial and valuable. They are engaging and it can make people stop what they are doing and take notice. Videos can be used to educate and motivate your potential audience.

Facebook also gives the cheapest cost of engagement for videos. So the actual cost for you to reach a potential customer can be significantly less. We have seen some ad accounts reach potential customers for as little as 0.001 cents per view. Imagine how far your budget can go given these stats, right?

What sort of video content do i need?

Technically speaking and based on the countless successes we have had delving into this kind of content, videos that are more organic, candid and personal almost all of the time gets our vote PLUS the campaign results prove that time and again.

Absolutely no one goes to Facebook to deliberately see ‘ADS’. So if they jump on and see a slice of life of someone who they think is interesting, they’re more likely to stop on that content even though it may be an influencer subtly promoting a product, they won’t care as long as it’s socially engaging.

In some cases, even just having a slideshow of still images or a little bit of animated text can give just that extra opportunity for engagement

How much should I spend on making videos?

Video doesn’t have to cost much, there are endless amounts of apps on your smartphone to make a quick little video or slideshow. Of course on the other end of the spectrum is professionally created videos, These can be really effective particularly for educating a prospect, but the downside is, they can be a big expense.

The key here is knowing what your marketing budget is and incorporating any costs into it. A lot of businesses set their marketing budget for how much they want to spend on advertising, yet don’t actually have the content to advertise with. Work out your budget and then work out how creating valuable content fits into that.

To sum it all up, if you want to do well in your social game, whether paid or organic, video is going to help you along your way. You don’t have to start by hiring Steve Speilberg to direct a feature-length film (although you would probably get a few decent views). Most importantly, always provide value and you will be repaid in engagement every time.