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3 ways to grow your Instagram Account for Ecommerce.

How to grow your Instagram Account for Ecommerce
3 Tips for Instagram Growth

3 Things you need to be doing to grow your Instagram Account for Ecommerce

As an e-commerce business owner, have you been struggling with your Instagram presence as of late? Are you confused with the forever changing algorithm and when you should be posting content on your account?

Then Lady luck is on your side, or shall we say Bidpixel is here to help!

It’s our job to keep up to date with the latest strategies on how to make your digital media presence a lead generating machine and we want to share these tips and updates with YOU so you can have a synergistic relationship with these platforms. According to Instagram,  there are a BILLION++ accounts that are active every single month on their platform.  So how can you cut through the noise and get the Instagram Algorithm to favor your content?

  1. Utilise Instagram Reels
  2. Make use of all of Instagram’s Features
  3. Consistency
  1. Utilise Instagram Reels

What is an Instagram Reel and how do you use it?

Instagram Reels were released last August 2020 for selected countries and are, to keep it simple, a short story on steroids. Made up of short 15second clips, they are a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram.  It appears in the explore bar at the bottom of your Instagram Feed, thus making it an essential tool for businesses and marketers to utilise.

For more detailed instructions on how to use this feature, check out Instagram’s guide here.

Instagram for Ecommerce

Instagram Reels can be used to provide potential customers with short and concise content that will help solve a problem that they have, a feature your product has, or any educational content that will provide value and insight on what you do. The Instagram algorithm will then take your content and provide it on the screens of people who they believe will be interested.It’s a great way to appear in front of people who are not familiar with your brand or product, and the more regularly you post quality content – the more likely it is your content will be seen.

  1. Make use of all of Instagram’s Features

Instagram has a plethora of features that we can use for our strategies from regular feed posts to IGTV videos, Instagram Reels, Stories and their newest shopping feature.

For business accounts like yours, there is an option to transform your profile into an online shopping centre where you can post your products directly for customers to see on Instagram. 

Working with digital marketing everyday we know one thing that helps with forever changing platforms – if you give love to a platform, it will love you back. So by utilising all the features Instagram has to offer, you start to appear maybe a little higher in your followers Instagram feeds, or maybe a little more often. Just really commit to this strategy for 6 months, and paired with a useful product and great quality content that provides value to its followers – you will see your engagement rise. 

  1. Consistency

In any kind of strategy, consistency is the key to success.  With Instagram, the algorithm rewards those who are consistent with their posting schedule and prioritises the content to appear more frequently on followers’ feeds.

Another reason to post consistently is so your potential customers know exactly when and where they will be able to find your content when they are looking for it. Posting at the same time with each post allows your followers to know exactly when to expect updates from you so they will be more likely to see and interact with it.

Putting yourself in the shoes of your customers is the easiest way to help you understand the content that a potential customer would find valuable. 

Our suggestion for Instagram posting: 

3-5 feed posts per week

8-10 stories per week

4-7 reels per week

1-3 IGTV posts per week

Keeping your shopping tab up to date with the items on your website.

Instagram growth can be intimidating from the get-go but by utilising Instagram Reels, all features Instagram has to offer and posting on these consistently, you should see organic growth in 2021.

And don’t forget to have fun while you’re at it!

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