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My Soggy Newspaper

Last Saturday morning my wife and I decided we wanted to try our luck at garagesaleing. So we got up early grabbed a coffee and Chai Tea and headed out. Apart from a great coffee and spending time with my wife, the morning was fairly uneventful and we didn’t find any treasures.

As we got home and started to pull into our driveway I spied our newspaper. It was casually laying next to our driveway minding its own business in its nonchalant way. Our local paper gets delivered every Saturday and Wednesday morning, and mysteriously turns up at the end of our driveway in a “sealed” plastic bag, most probably the result of the paperboy or girl doing their ritualistic drive-by paper toss.

This Saturday was no different, our paper had been delivered, in its bag, next to our driveway and sitting in a nice big puddle of muddy water. The plastic bags “seal” was more than a little dubious and I actually think the plastic bag might have been confused at what its role was, as there seemed to be more water inside the bag then there was in the puddle itself. (It would have made a great chamois).

So there I was picking up my soggy newspaper and as is my normal ritual, took it straight to the bin.

You see, I can’t remember that last time that I actually sat down and read a Newspaper.

Generally speaking, I don’t actually consume any traditional forms of media. Instead of watching TV, I stream, and instead of reading the paper, watching the news and listening to the radio, I look online for News Sources.

I am still consuming media, but I am doing so in a different way.

As a Digital Marketer, I understand that the shift from traditional to digital media consumption isn’t something that “is” going to happen, it has already happened and is growing exponentially faster each day. So in the advertising and marketing world, in order to reach me or people like me with your marketing and advertising, you need to do so using the mediums that I consume.

So if you own a business or are in charge of marketing and you want to advertise to someone like me; a male, mid 30 “ish”, with my interests such as 4WD’ing, surfing, buying real estate, becoming a new parent, etc. the method in which to engage with me as a consumer has now shifted.

Deliotte’s Social Media Survey 2017 reports that “63% of respondents see social media as a good way to stay connected with issues that are important to them. 51% of survey respondents like that the content they see on their social media accounts is targeted at them and their interests. Social media is uniquely well placed to do this, since our preferences drive the content we see.”

What this means is that over half of the people who are on Social Media like the fact that the content they see is tailored towards them. How amazing…

In Australia alone, there are currently an approximate 10.82 million registered Facebook accounts, so that equates to over 5 million people who actually want to see what you are promoting.

So not only are your customers on Facebook, over half of them actually WANT to see your content.

When you combine this with the ability of hyper-targeting and being able to measure and quantify the success of your marketing goals, you can know exactly how your money is being spent and what results are being produced.

Plus……….your ad isn’t stuck within the pages of a soggy newspaper. ?