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Intent Based Digital Funnels with Facebook & Instagram Advertising

How do you get the best return on your advertising dollars?

This is a question that marketers have been asking for decades. The answer is actually quite simple,  spend the most money advertising to those who have the highest probability of converting into a sale.

Traditional advertising such as TV, radio and print has one major limitation, it is unable to gauge where a potential prospect is in the buying cycle, meaning that each person that sees an ad will see the same ad regardless if they’re very interested and actively looking to buy or if they’re not interested and not looking to buy at all.

Whereas one of the unique and most powerful parts of Facebook and Instagram advertising is the ability to be able to gauge in real time where an individual is at in the buying cycle, or in other words, to be able to engage the intent of such an individual or entity at any point in time.

Constantly gauging intent and adjusting accordingly is one of the foundational aspects that we use with all our clients in their Facebook and Instagram advertising. We would not be able to effectively run optimised advertising campaigns without constantly gauging, measuring and monitoring where prospects are by how they are interacting with the current ads running.

Here is an example of a digital funnel we could use with a client:

This empowers us to allocate our ad spend budget to those who have the highest probability of converting at the time they have the highest probability of converting and thus reducing our client’s ad spend.

This is how we at BidPixel build high performing and optimised digital funnels.