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My Soggy Newspaper

The shift from traditional to digital media consumption isn’t something that “is” going to happen, it has already happened and is growing exponentially faster each day. In order to reach me or people like me with your marketing and advertising, you need to do so using the mediums that I consume, via digital marketing.

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1 Degree of Separation – “The Facebook Friends of Strategy”

“Friends of” lets you target people who are friends of people who already like your page, who have already engaged with your business somehow, or are even your customers already. It is a hyper-targeting feature that is highly successful and lets you find your very own moshpit of Norwegian Death Metal fans without throwing money at diluted marketing attempts.

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Facebook Ad Image Size Guide

Image ads and carousel ads are the most common type of image based Facebook ads. Here is a quick guide to Facebook ad image sizes and specifications.

Other ad types include video, collection, slideshow, canvas, lead generation, offers, post engagement, event responses and page likes.

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7 Surefire Ways To Boost Your Brand’s Facebook Engagement

Only 6% of your “fans” are engaging with your Facebook page.

While over a staggering four billion Facebook posts go live each day…

Let that sink in for a second.

The estimated number of active Facebook users is almost 2 billion now. And while the ratio of 1:2 users and posts may seem easy, the percent of organic posts reaching an average facebook user is only 2%!

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Boost Sales with Facebook Messenger

If you’ve been tuning in with our blog post, you’ve probably considered – or maybe already added to your strategy the Facebook Marketing.

Mostly we’ve talked about Facebook Video Marketing: how effective it can be and how it can ultimately boost your brand, 100% guaranteed with the right marketing formula.

Facebook continues to become more and more granular as it progresses, even reaching the point of creating its own division of messaging app.

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